Sunday, 11 March 2018


In the inventory of my shoes I made in July 2016, I owned 17 pairs of shoes and varying kinds of feet wear.
I noticed when looking into how many inlay soles I had, that some came from shoes now dead.
Clearly a sign that a new shoe inventory is needed.

Today I own:
1 pair of flip-flops (used for camping only)
2 pairs of indoor slippers (the same sheep skin slippers, mended and mended again with a spare pair still in storage)
3 pairs of sandals (one for the balcony, one hiking sandals, and one beloved city sandals. The nice-pair-but-not-for-walking have been donated.)
3 pairs of nice lady-office shoes (used only when dressing up)
2 pairs of sports shoes (one to run in and one for summer hiking)
1 pair of hiking boots
1 pair of winter boots

That means I currently have 13 pairs of foot ware (of which at least nine are in continuous use).

The previously owned rain boots were one day taken out to use in the rain. I found out that they had died the rubber death. Completely eaten up by themselves and useless. Nothing I should hold on.

Again de-cluttering made simple by the device: Don't buy anything and break stuff.

How many pairs of shoes do you have? Have any of them died while not being used?

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