Saturday, 17 March 2018


I am trying to wear all my clothes during March 2018 - or at least as many of them as possible.
Yesterday, I dressed up in a white shirt with a little cardigan for work. I creamed my hands in front of the mirror. I took a sip out of my coffee cup.
I dropped the rest of the coffee cup onto my white shirt.

Mumbling lots of bad words, I took off the white shirt, rinsed it and dumped it into water with oxy. I took out a new white shirt out of the wardrobe and went to work.
By lunch I noticed that something had dripped onto shirt number two.
Not very noticeable but still a clear stain.
Shirt number two replaced shirt number one in the bucket of oxy when I came home.

I put on my pyjama top.
In the sofa, I took a sip out of my red wine glass.
The rest, I dropped onto myself, the sofa, the blanket, the white pillow, the floor and the man.

Emergency protocol immediately activated.
Paper, towels, salt, hot water, vacuum on the sofa by the man while I soaked as much as possible of the wine into my clothes before I got out of the sofa. While I try to peal the white pillow case from the feather filled inner pillow, I keep the man with clean towels to focus on the sofa and I dump jeans, underwear, socks, sweater, t-shirt, blanket and everything else in the buckets of water.

While replacing shirt number two with the pillowcase in the bucket of oxy, I slip, fall and hurt my knee and foot. Bleeding I hobble around until everything wine soaked is under control and doesn't risk staining more than the sofa. The foot is roughly bound up when there is nothing more important to do.

A proper slapstick silent movie it was.

By now I have run out of apologies for staining his beloved sofas (thank heavens they are excellent quality and deep red in colour so should not show stains too much).
He is bored with assuring me he is not upset with me.
I am upset with me.

Today I am vacuum salt from everything and doing double laundry.
Hopefully almost everything will come out without much stain to the characters.
Except me. I will be drinking wine inside bin bag in the future. 


  1. That's a real bad day! I find cold cups of tea around the house. I make tea, wander around see something to do, put the tea down, do the task, and then go and make myself a cup of tea.......

    1. That is really funny actually, but as long as you get your task done..

  2. Oh dear not a good day. I hope your foot is feeling better.

    1. Thanks; foot blue, wound healing, stains almost gone.

  3. Oh my goodness isn't it terrible when a chain reaction of disasters seems to start up.
    Please empty out your vacuum cleaner as soon as possible. The salt in it can wreck it and that would be sad!

    1. Oh! Oh? Oh-oh-oh (hobbling away for an inspection)