Saturday, 10 March 2018


Travelling need to be easy to be enjoyable.
Keeping luggage light is an important part.
(What you pack, you have to be able to move.)

This week I might have reduced it too far. This was my toilet bag.

Toothbrush with a head cover, tooth paste, compact deodorant spray, eye cream, and box for lenses with liquid. I only brought the minimum as I thought the hotel would provide me with soap, shampoo and skin lotion.
I take all those things home after a hotel stay anyway and this time I thought I would just use it there. (Normally I end up bringing my own and travelling home with two sets of everything.) 

There was only one flaw in the plan.
This specific hotel did not provide skin lotion.
Eye cream was used all over the faced.
This hotel also did not provide conditioner. I didn't think I needed it, I normally don't use it very often. The quality of the water, dry winter weather combined with continuous hard-hat wearing days made me long for a conditioning rinse in the evenings. As I didn't have skin lotion I could not even make my own over night conditioner. (Dilute and leave in, wash normally in the morning. Put hard-hat on. Bingo! Gorgeous!!!)

I was happy coming back home to the man yesterday, leaving snow storms, freezing cold sleet under deep snow behind me.
I also left some very successful work meetings and relations behind who were teaching me almost as much as I tough them.
When I get to do what I do for work, I really do like what I do.
I am very very good (in my extreme niche position.)


  1. Isn't it always the way! you would be proud of me though - I save the ends of all the soaps, dry them out and take a couple with me when I travel - my very own hotel soap, and of the kind I can use on my annoying fussy skin too :)