Monday, 2 April 2018

April 2018 - Camping equipment

The monthly task for April 2018 is Camping, sports, summer equipment.
Most of us are outside more in the summer time than in winter and spring. Now is the time to go through everything. Air your sleeping bags, all of them. If you don’t want to air it – do you really want that sleeping bag?
For you in the southern hemisphere with winter periods, is it about time to wrap things up and pack it up safely into storage. 
Tent, sleeping bag, sleeping mattress, cooking kit, back pack, bicycle bags (a very urgent need this year, let me tell you later), hiking boots and shoes, sport equipment, camping food, and all the paraphernalia that surrounds it that I have accumulated and not really use, is part of this inventory task. Take it out, shake it out, air it, test it, use it - or move it to the on-the-way-out-box.

I know I do not need anything - and I really try not to want anything. 
I have over the years gathered all this stuff in one large plastic container and what does not fit there, is at least gathered in one place.  
It should be possibly a relatively easy task to go through it this year. I might even kick some things out as not needed.

Note to self: This is the year to make a decision about fishing equipment (a rod and lures in the book shelf does not fish it self even if you live overlooking a water.) Use it or loose it.

Going through the camping, sport and summer equipment is also a task that has become urgent very quickly. We are going on our first expedition already in April. 
Although not sleeping out (still to cold for that) all the light weight hiking gear and clothes will be needed for our week of rummaging through the countryside and historical places.
If anybody wants to meet up with us, we will be in Kent (UK) around third week of April.


  1. Nice to have a hiking trip to look forward to!

  2. Fresh salmon cooked over a fire sounds delicious to me. Just got new hiking boots as my old ones wore out.

    1. Exciting with new boots, a good step forwards!