Monday, 30 April 2018

Camping equipment - April 2018

Through the month of April, I have walked through the house several times, looking for camping paraphernalia and gathering everything outdoor-related in one place. When we went to England for a week only outdoor equipment was used,  but not the actual camping gear. I did use the 25 litre back-pack, some of the cooking items (collapsible cup and spoon), some of the tiny hygiene items (travelling soap, hair brush and shampoo) as well as drinking system, hiking boots, and all sorts of light weight hiking clothes.

I came home with my boots covered in mud flats mud after crossing a low tide area. One day I will clean them thoroughly.
Not this day though.

I also dug through all camping equipment and I see that there are a few things that I have not used - ever. I got rid of a drinking bottle that is perfect, except that it doesn't work properly, and a container to hold 5 litres of water, except that the cap doesn't attach properly as well as a few pack bags constructed oddly and impossible to use.

At the same time, I read through all my out-door cooking recipes collected through the years. It became quite obvious that my cooking ambitions have seriously slid into the dumps with modern light weight food bags. I used to dry vegetables in advance to use for stews and even bake bread on long hikes. I made a promise to myself to be more prepared and more ambitious in the future.

The camping planned or prepared for this summer are all going to be bicycle trips so there will be room and weight available for more interesting out-door cooking. I have a pair of bicycle bags that I hope will fit the new bicycle too (if not, they will be made to fit because I am not NOT buying new bicycle bags this year). I need to find a new knife first.

Beyond that, there is really nothing we need for camping, hiking or cycling in this season. The tent will be going on for another decade or so, even if it is already a good twenty years at least. My sleeping mattress from last year, my twenty year old warm sleeping bag and my twenty-five year old light sleeping bad as well as my ten year old hiking back-pack will continue to do service. The trusty twenty year old Primus Trangia gas-cooker system stays - until we find a lightweight substitute that will fit with the man's nice modern cooking pots. Hiking boots from the archaeology trip to Ireland 2016 and other clothing is all in good order and needs no substitutes or completing. Coming back from England, we spent our last British pounds buying light-weight camping food that we carried home to use this summer. (Not because that we needed it nor that it was especially cheap, but honestly, the few pounds left over were either spent or donated and I never found a charity box the last day and the shop was open.)

We are now prepared for when weather or vacation suddenly appears.
In just a few hours we can be packed up for a week on the bicycles or on the footpaths.
That is what we have the camping equipment for.

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