Wednesday, 4 April 2018

DVD 2018

As a movie lover, a film watcher and a fan of acting; I own movies on DVDs.
I sold a lot in the large 2014 clear out but when I counted them in 2015 , I still had 150. 

I know I said I was going to do DVDs in January when I counted my CDs.
I didn't - but I have now. I still own 158 DVDs.
Only three of them are sport, yoga, training related.
Consequently 155 proper movies in my possession. The difference is surprising as I have not bought, been given or otherwise acquired any DVDs since then. (Except one about the Nordic Secretaries of the United Nations).
Still,  158 DVDs are what I own.

The man looked through his and within ten minutes had culled about half of them. One quarter were stripped of their plastic cases and put into a DVD holder. The rest were dusted and straightened up on their shelf. It was a quick job because he was in the right mood

I looked at mine and thought: "that is good, that is important, this can never be replaced, that has a sad cover but the story is important, that is another good one, those go together, these are all made by the same director and oh, look at this one, I want to see this immediately..."
Tentatively I hovered a finger over one and think "this could possibly go but only if I truly dislike it when I watch it again."

But then on the other hand, if I don't want to get rid of them, I don't have to get rid of them.
I am not a minimalist.
I am a frugalist.
When (not if) the content on the internet becomes available only to the rich, I will need to own physical movies and music just to have access to artistic expressions I have already paid for and invested in.

I promise myself to do a new inventory of DVDs every year and only keep what I like.
The target is to own 150 DVDs or less by next year... or at least not more.

We have started watching movies again and I have placed one or two that I have no interest in seeing again, in the on-the-way-out-box. The ambition is to watch all of them again. We'll see about that.

How many DVDs do you have?
John, Deb, are you ready with the updated numbers from 2015?


  1. I need to clear out my DVDs too. I'll do it along with my CDs but I haven't gotten around to that yet. Now that streaming is here, I haven't bought a new DVD in ages. My DVD player is on the fritz so I need to get that fixed too. What a tale of woe, eh?

    1. Sounds as if you are in a golden position. Maybe you don't have go get rid of them; maybe you only need to appreciate having them? A tale of new beginnings, possibly.

  2. I don't collect movies, but I still have and collect vinyl records. I only buy a handful per year and have about 200.

    1. If you play them; keep them, love them. But collecting for the purpose of owning, I struggle with that concept.

  3. DVDs
    2015 = 0
    2018 = 0

    Streamed movies 2018 = 0
    Movie theater 2018 = 1

    1. Cool! The differences in interests! Which film did you see?