Saturday, 14 April 2018


Project red wool has been finalised.
Or more correctly, is drying and will then be finalised.

As so many things in this household, things happens organically.
Laundry time. What needed to be laundered?
I did my winter scarfs, hats and gloves. The man has a winter scarf that is red and fluffy.
It can not be washed with anything normal or everything normal will become red and fluffy.
Washed it needed to be anyway.
What else was red and fluffy in the house.
Blankets in the sofa that had only been dried after the wine incident and never washed.
They are both red and woolly, although not quite as fluffy.
Fluffy blankets will not be a problems. The sofas are also red.
The man has a nice office sweater in red wool.
If everything was to be washed on the cold wool program on the washing machine, that sweater could be washed together with the rest (inside an old pillow case as protection).

Everything fitted nicely, the short program was run, and when finished -
project red wool was finished.

Except - yes, right - the drying time.

Small project for the day.
Together with all other small projects, raises the total organisation and cleanliness in the house.

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