Sunday, 29 April 2018

Teeth 2018

Teeth is the one body part I will do my very best to keep until I conk out. My most priced possession.
Next to my eyes, the most practical thing with my body and the one thing I would miss the most if I lost them. Or the use of them.
I am willing to invest both savings and time into the care of my teeth.

I brush two to three times every day. Every single day.
Carefully, professionally trained brush strokes.
Floss, mouth wash (NOT listerine) and tooth pick regularly (and carefully).

There is nothing fancy about my teeth but they are mine.
One is a little crocked but still, also that is all mine. No teeth regulated in my life.
(I inherited genetics from people who didn't get to procreate without naturally good teeth.)

This week I went to see my dentist. I have not been called to a dentist in many years.
The system gives you a dental hygienist as a first visit until they either refer you onwards or it has been so long since you saw one. The system does not even call me more often than every 18 months now. This year however, it was my turn with the (a) dentist. I have never met the same one twice in the same clinic where I have been a patient for close to twenty years.

First: Hua, the price difference!
Second: Stern warnings and instructions!
Thirdly: Spit!
Fourthly: Pay up and see you in 18 months.

It does really pay off to brush, floss and rinse with mouth wash regularly.
Especially if you don't like going to the dentist.
My visit was ten minutes and that is because I answered when she asked me things.

I probably could have saved some money by just grunting.

As a wise man have said: It is good to be fond of ones teeth.


  1. Good teeth are a blessing, you're right!

    1. Or at least the good result of hard work and dedication.

  2. I agree that teeth are very important and I would miss mine terribly if something happened and I lost them. I also take very good care of them.