Thursday, 3 May 2018

Bicycle 2018

Before Project Closet started, and before the chaos of Project Bedroom descended upon us,  I mentioned I was looking for a new bicycle.

One of the main motivations for Project Wardrobe was to use up the floor boards stored in the basement in order to give us more space to store a fourth bicycle. (One city iron horse for each of us, with each having a touring bike for long rides.)

The reason I need want a new bicycle is that my city-bike is a heavy steel-horse. Last summer it proved to work but not really be very suitable for week long bicycle vacation trips.

We want to do much more cycling and far away cycling with our camping gear. Last years two long bicycle trips really made me want more.
Maybe I am turning from a hiker to a biker? Or maybe it is just the Netherlands being so flat and boring to hike in that bicycling mentally becomes the only possible alternative? I still hike though, but if I go for a few weeks, it would be nice to have a change in the horizon (and to stay within the country).

We especially want to go to the mountains. The mountains are far away from here. A steel-horse built to survive inner-city Amsterdam is not built for the mountains. It is also not built to cycle far on.

So I set out a list of criteria for the potential new bike (as I do for every purchase of any significant amount of money or that is to last a long time - or both).
Light: maximum 15 kg
Rear luggage rack
Large frame (for my long legs)
Ladies frame (because I'm a laaaaaaaady)
Lots of gears
Touring styled
Touring handles
Mud guards, covering both wheels and chain
Dynamo charging for lights
Brakes I can adjust myself
Generally repairable on the road by self
Not too colourful
Under €1000

After days and weeks of looking at different bicycles on-line in half a dozen countries, it turned out that weight, frame size and colour were going to be the decisive conditions.

After much thinking and agonising (months of thinking, endless hours of thinking and at least three test rides on a similar bicycle), I finally ordered that one single bicycle on the market that fulfilled the size and weight criteria within budget and in a discrete colour. (Black is discrete right?)
Well within 60% of the budget actually and I was very pleased with that.
It is being built to specifications (of which I can only decide on the frame size).
The delivery time is anyway almost three months (an annoying sing of a cartel market.)

There is still over a month to go before the bike is to be delivered.

I keep looking at the picture of my new beauty - wishing and dreaming.


  1. It will be a grand day when your new bike arrives!

    1. Indeed, I feel like a child looking forward to something exciting!

  2. This is one of those times when time goes slowly.

    1. Chronos is a very cruel ruler when waiting for Kairos to come!