Wednesday, 2 May 2018

May 2018 - Kitchen

The target for May 2018 is to go through the kitchen.

      "Clean every cupboard in your kitchen. That means empty every shelf in every cupboard. Only 
      put back into the cupboard what you have used during the year, that works, is clean (cleaned) and 
      of good quality. Put all questionable items, nicked porcelain, more than twenty plastic containers 
       to store food in and anything else you don’t understand in your “on the way out” box."
We have an "on the way out" box already in the kitchen and there are still a few items that doesn't seem to get any action. Not even every year. The useless ice-cream machine was however useless for the last time for new years dinner and is now disposed off without regrets. It took a few years of questioning its performance, but eventually - finally - we kicked it out in January.

We host a large family party every three years and this year it is time again. Unfortunately, it does not take place in May. (Maybe I should move this target for next year to the family weekend?) Anyway, that event will make use of every glass, cup and plate we own and could possibly with my usual dexterity, even break some of it at the end of the day. I know that no drinking glasses, cups, mugs,  plates, or serving trays will be kicked out this year either.

The ambition is however to clean through the kitchen cupboards and all items. While doing it, I will keep attention on each item,  trying to find anything that isn't useful or doesn't feel nice or useful. Hopefully, sometime in the month, the man will feel ambitious and dig through his chaos cabinet.
I also should count the number of glasses so that we know how much single-use glasses and plates we need later this summer and can buy it at the upcoming sales.

This is a monthly task that becomes easier and easier with every year (as long as the breakage equals the acquiring). 


  1. The only things I have in my kitchen that don't get regular use are my fondu pots and plates, a few serving platters, and some martini and wine glasses. Otherwise, all my stuff gets used on a pretty frequent basis.

  2. Oh yeah, and a double-decker food steamer that I only use once in a blue moon to make rice in. I'm thinking of getting rid of that but it hasn't budged yet.

    1. Possibly should not say that, but that sounds like a wonderful toy -- I mean way to cook food!