Friday, 4 May 2018

Reading 17-18

While struggling with health issues at the end of 2017, I turned, as always, to books.

I only read fiction as an escape (and then the same stories over and over again).

When I want to stay in reality and develop tools to handle reality, I read factual books.
 It is not always works of science or even especially well founded theories - but the texts will be about something, explaining something that at least the author believes to be real.

I started reading all books available in my physical and electronic library on the following topics:
Project management
Improvisational theatre

This lead into
Cognitive behavioural therapy
Cognitive biological science
Evolutionary biology, geography and geology
Meditation and yoga

Continuing into
Feng shui
Behavioural psychology

Developing into
Biological evolution
History of science
Moral philosophy

and now I read
Cognitive theory
Philosophy and sociology of religion
Theatre theory and practice

and the waiting stack of books contains
History of ideas
Post-colonial history
Memory studies
Map making

Books I've read through and didn't like - or din't read through although I thought I ought to - went into the "on the way out box". Those books do not go back onto the shelves.
I am keeping a list of all books aquired in 2018 to see if I possibly will reduce the total amount of books in the house (doubtful, but at least I aim to track my addiction).


  1. I used to read widely like that in non-fiction. Now it seems like all I can read is fiction. Tastes ebb and flow!

    1. Sometimes I read just because I want to read, then it almost doesn't matter what is written on the page.

  2. I have read books on some of those same things, but generally I read fiction. Map making sounds interesting.