Monday, 25 June 2018

Brake iron

Oh yes, I did.
I broke the iron.

Watching football while sewing and ironing, I dropped the iron on the floor.
No problem, the floor can handle it. I didn't think much of it.

Next time I tried to iron however - water everywhere.
Standing up, no problem. Using, holding it flat, water pours out from the inside.

I will need a new iron, but not right now.
I think can survive ironing without steam for a good while (I don't iron much these days).
I don't know how the man will feel about that, but he is generally less fussy than I am. He has years and years of experience to iron without steam as he was using a spray bottle or a wet cloth when I met him and introduced him to a steam iron. I don't even know if he uses steam these days (he does his own ironing whenever the occasion a smooth shirt is required).
I am technically a better ironer than he is but he really likes it a lot more. Especially ironing handkerchiefs can put him into an almost trance like meditative mood.
Something with the handiwork and the pride of the finished product, I think.

Sorry for publishing this post half written yesterday.