Monday, 25 June 2018

Colander part 2

There is a new colander in the house.
The colander with the broken handle has been removed from use as a colander.
I see from the date of the above link, that we have lived with a broken handle for year.

The new one is plastic, maybe it is more of a strainer. It doesn't matter. It does the same job.
It also has no handle that can be broken off so it will last us a long time.
The new one is also without cost. Which is important.

Not because we can't afford a new colander. We could buy a new car for cash tomorrow.
Not because we thought we didn't deserve a new colander or any of that sort of self-depreciating thinking. We are not defined by the things we own.
The broken colander worked, almost without annoyance.
We almost bought a new one but since it was not entirely perfect, we refrained.
And serendipity gave us a perfect colander for free.
This is a colander design that is currently not for sale on the markets where we live. 

By not spending money on a new colander, we saved very little.
But we also kept ourselves out of the consumption mode for the last year.

We also did not buy a car, speed boat, or train. We didn't buy take-out coffee or food. We bought no toys or collection items. We didn't use money to satisfy our cravings or to dull pain.

We never buy anything on the spur of the moment. We never go out to buy something without that something being identified, analysed and researched. We often go out to buy a specific item and come home empty handed when that item is not satisfactory or when it is unavailable.

We spend money on activities that create healthy bodies and memories for life.
We spend money to save us from bad situations.
We spend money to replace expensive essentials when they break in our lives.

The rest we repair or try to live without until it becomes necessary or free.

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  1. You have more discipline than me. I confess that I do piss away a certain amount of money on unnecessary fripperies. If I want something, I buy it. But luckily, I have very simple needs and wants so I can still live well within my means.