Wednesday, 27 June 2018

Knife part 2

The new knife has entered my life.
After ten minutes, it was as if it had never been gone.

My last pocket knife was confiscated by customs leaving England earlier this year. It was fair and they treated me very kindly. (It is also about the seventh pocket knife I have lost to customs since 2001).

For my birthday, I was treated with a present from my work. I picked a pocket knife (and with some kind negotiation, a substantial gift card for the out door shop of my choice.)

I picked the same pocket knife I bought some time in the mid-1980's and had in my pocket every day until 2001. Swiss Army knife (now Victorinox) with the combination of tools that I personally need.
It fits perfectly into the pocket of my Levi's 501's.

Nothing much else has changed since the 1980's.
Except the waist measurement.
And the belt. That one is from 1991.
Now since the weight reduction, the original strap is again back on.

Add a football jersey for my national team and I am ready to rock as if it was 1994.
(Where did my 1994 World Cup shirt go?)


  1. With your new pocket knife, you're ready for any emergency now!

    1. Bring it on, I have six centimetres of blade to meet it with!
      (and tweezers)