Thursday, 21 June 2018

New bicycle

The new bicycle has been delivered.

After two weeks of heart break, I have accepted it and started using it.
It is still a painful experience. 

The company makes a very unusual bike, exactly what I needed and how I wanted my first new bicycle in forty years. I could get it in pink with immediate delivery or wait three months for the same bike in black. I was willing to wait three months to live a life without a pink bicycle.

The bike was delivered on date.

The wrong bike.
The new updated version changed it into a different bike.
Different design. Different weight and most importantly; a completely different break system.
Several of the things that was on the "must be" list.

The company answers my bike shop who placed the order: "we change and upgrade without giving notice" and "we will have no further contact with the customer, and refer to customer service". The customer service answers without investigation that "you must have ordered the wrong bicycle".
They will not deliver the bike with the brakes I want, or in the version I ordered.

I could have refuse the bike.
I should have refuse the bike.
I need a bike.
I want a bike now and there are no alternatives on the market.

I had to swallow my pride, my respect, my everything I have ever learnt about honesty, trust and quality in how to make deals, contracts and agreements and take the fffing bike.
I am not happy. The company won, and I will be riding around on a bicycle forever reminding me how they royally screwed me.


  1. Oh, that's infuriating! And I bet the bike wasn't cheap, either.

    1. No, not cheap but well priced, cheaper than other similar bicycles. Still infuriating!

  2. Goddammit, that sucks!

    Is there no law that says that you can send back an item within a couple of days or weeks of delivery?
    (And then try to find the actual bike you want on the second-hand market).

    1. Oh yes, I could refused the bike for full refund. (Except that I am a special size of person and this was a special size of bike that was not found on the second-hand market for all of last year - sadly, because I of course tried that first). It really sucks!