Sunday, 17 June 2018

Replace your running shoes!

I have learned a hard lesson and I have some urgent information.

If you have injuries, inflammation, aches or pains when walking, or attempting to jog or run -
immediately replace your shoes.

It does not matter if they are almost unused.

Get new shoes. Get cheap ones to start with if you want, but get new shoes.
New cheap shoes are better than old expensive shoes.

I have tried to start running the last two years. Every time I try, something happens.
Inflammations. Pains, Walking problems. Limping from knee pain or foot pain. Pelvic inflammations.
Anything you could imagine.

All, all, every single one of the problems I have had, all if it has been due to my running shoes.

They were perfectly good shoes. Brand name shoes. Almost unused. Even clean.
But ten years old.

I mistakenly went for a short run in my hiking boots.
It was wonderful.
Ridiculous but wonderful.

I went running in my regular old walking shoes. Wonderful.
I went running in my new walking shoes. Flying like the wind.

I have now followed the NHS Coach to 5k running program for almost two months and I have ended week five this week. It means I have advanced into running (a.k.a. slowly jobbing) from thirty seconds to five minutes at the time and now have been motivated mentally so that I could do a slow but steady twenty minute run.
Meaning, I can not only run for the bus, I can run to the next bus stop.

With this progress, I will start the process of finding a serious pair of running shoes this month. It will require some serious money and some serious investigations.
I think the man has made me into a runner.
How did that happen?


  1. I agree -- good foot and arch support is critical when walking, jogging or running. I have custom orthotics in my shoes and it makes a world of difference. Not that I jog or run, you understand. Let's not go crazy! lol

    1. No, running is indeed a crazy thing to do! All materials deteriorate with age. Hardens and looses all flexibility. It becomes a rigid cast instead of a support.

  2. Good running shoes are a must! I can't run anymore, but I buy good walking and hiking shoes. If you don't have a good foundation at the bottom you can do damage all the way up your body.

    1. Head up, feet down and stability in between - a good foundation for any activity.

  3. Welcome to the joy of running. Try trails!

    1. Thank you! It is great. I love trails and I so look forward to have the stamina to run them.