Tuesday, 19 June 2018

WC with culottes

World Cup!

All day, every day for weeks and weeks.
I am so happy!

If you do not know football, it is the international sport played with feet and a ball.
Everything else must be called Australian, American, Welsh or any other regional form of ball -
or feet.
This is international football.
The World Cup is only played every four years with teams who have survived an almost two year qualifying process. They come from every continent (except Antarctica, they did not qualify). The traditional European and South American dominance is broken and Asia and Africa are now represented with equally strong teams on the field.

I have a lot to do.
I follow three Scandi-countries, three previous home countries and four favourites just because I love the way they play.
There are countries I would love to have had included (Norway and Finland - hyvää gutta!), some countries that think they ought to have been there and several who dreamed about being there but wasn't prepared to do the work to get there during the extensive qualifying round.
We all know who I'm talking about.

I have watched two to four games per day every day since last week.
There is more to come and I am rationing, trying not to watch everything.
But I follow everything, and read everything.
I have a complete schedule on the wall that I keep updated.

I have started sewing again just to avoid to sit and eat in front of the telly for days at the end.
In my underwear (or even worse: sans-culottes).
I am making an advanced style of culottes in green cotton twill that can possibly be called skorts or jupe-culottes (similar to Burda 6905). They have so many tricky steps that I can do a little thing after another with plenty of thinking and ironing in between.

The old house-rule never to watch commercials on the TV is actively pursued.
Whoever is caught, or catches one self, watching the commercials, is to do ten (or as many as possible) push-ups on the floor.

And of course, I still go running.


  1. Enjoy the World Cup! I'm not sure if Canada has EVER qualified for it. Soccer is not big here, compared to hockey.

    1. ... Can-ada can. It is not Can't-ada! (I can't believe it took me a day to come up with that pun!)

    2. But it's a GREAT pun! Well worth the effort!

    3. Thank you, I am quite please with it!

  2. My uncle made the All American team back in the fifties while going to college in the U.S., but he was Norwegian so he had an advantage. My first World Cup experience was in Norway in 1966. I watched with my Grandfather who was born in Iceland.

    1. Wonderful memories, showing exactly the multi-nationalism the World Cup brings up. Could we have the full story about your uncle in a blogpost this weekend possibly?

  3. Cheers to Iceland and Denmark! I am not sure about Sweden...well, ok cheers to Sweden! It is not ice hockey!

    1. No, it is not ice hockey, so we can play nice this time. (And unify in front of the outsiders. I even was magnanimous enough to pretend a support for Denmark...!)