Tuesday, 31 July 2018

Bags - July 2018

It is a weird month. Hell didn't freeze over, the opposite. The good place turned the heat up and burned. The wait was over and now there is nothing left to hope for. All is well though.

I'm fine and I am keeping control over the controllables.

Collecting all bags in one place at the same time enabled me to concretely see how many bags and purses and wallets and shopping bags and travel bags and sports bags I currently own.
It is a lot. I have a lot and my needs are filled - almost.

I have 15 bags and purses of which 3 are large travelling duffel bags.
There are also three computer cases/covers which I store in the same place although only technically bags. 
I also have seven wallets ranging from the first one I got when I was five to the silk one from China that used to hold British pounds and now doesn't so it is now back to being a wallet instead of being used as storage. This also doesn't include the wallet I use everyday.
I have 7 shopping bags and three blue Ikea bags (Fun fact: Yellow Ikea bags outside of the shop are always stolen.)
I also have 2 pairs of bicycle bags (and still need to get another more suitable pair to fit the new bicycle) and my hiking back pack.  

Beyond the new set of bicycle bags needed (or are they just wanted?), I do not need any new bags.
I do not even need any more bags if they are given for free or provided by the trash gods. There are even three or seven of all the bags that I could live without.
In the inventory I did place a few bags in the bag for the charity shop but I think the rest can just stay there for pleasure and temporary use - even if I strictly do not neeeeeeeed them.

I have them, I do not need any more but I keep what I have that fills me with pleasure. 
So, in all: 38 bags.
(And an old waste paper basket filled with plastic bags we try to reuse until they actually are destroyed and can be placed in the plastic recycling).

Last year I had 34 bags. Not all bags in that list still lives with me. I am however sure I did not count the same way then as I did now. It doesn't really matter. What matters is that I gathered all of them, looked through them all, counted my surplus and appreciated what I have without creating fake needs for something someone wants to sell me.
I do not need bags.

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