Saturday, 7 July 2018

Patterns 2018

I did it.

I closed my heart, clicked on my rutheless brain and sorted through my sewing patterns.

I went through all patterns in 2013 when I cleared out of and sold my house. I only kept patterns from my mother or grandmother for clothes that I liked and patterns that I myself has bought that I could imagine wearing again. All eighties jackets and nineties trouser patterns went out ruthlessly.

Now I had another go at what ever what left.
All copied patterns from pattern magazines that are now in the wrong size - paper collection.
All pattern magazines that doesn't contain anything I could imagine wearing again, much less sewing - to the second hand shop.
All original patterns that I could not imagine wearing again or that is for clothes worn at very specific events in my past that I do not care to remember - or want to be reminded of - out the same way.

I was left with five pattern magazines and eight original patterns.

It was a relief.

It was such a relief I immediately started sewing again.
And immediately went out to buy another pattern that I wanted - but really really didn't need.
But I am sewing them too. (I will show the finished results.)

The World Cup takes a month and Tour de France has also started and although I am not a fan of tennis - Wimbledon is also on.
Thank heavens the weather is nice and it is too warm to sit inside and watch telly every day.


  1. Without even checking, I can safely say I do not have a single sewing pattern in my home, LOL! It's great that you know how to sew and congrats on starting up again.

    1. With a body like mine and a financial situation like ours, I would have spent my teens naked if I hadn’t learned how to sew.

  2. Good for you! I do not think I have ever even touched a sewing pattern! A skill I wish I had taken up earlier in life.