Tuesday, 3 July 2018

Winter - June 2018 - not

The task for June was to go through all winter clothes and bedding.

Yes, no, so, I didn't do that.
Bite me.

I will, I promise myself that I will. But with the football world cup, sewing, the new bicycle, fantastic weather, three day weekends every week, four days work and running two days a week, there was just no energy left over for projects like that.
Diving into the deep wardrobe when it is 27 degrees C outside is exactly what I had planned to do -
but no, didn't. Didn't want to.

Some of it I did do. I did take out some of the winter and rain coats and cleaned the inside of the pockets with a brush to get any crumbs out. I felt very proud of myself.

I also did make a list of clothes that need to be impregnated and/or waxed before the rainy season starts again. That list includes shoes that need to be sprayed with water proofing.

Plans are wonderful. Life is better.

Remind me to complete this task again later.

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  1. Yes, enjoy summer and the beautiful weather while it's here!