Sunday, 5 August 2018

August 2018 - Electronics

The target for August is Electronics
"Find all things in your house that needs electricity to operate (easily recognised as it has a cable or needs batteries).
Clean your hard drive. Do a back-up of all the content to usb, disc's or cloud storage. Download all photos from your phone. Print special photos. At least send the most important documents in an email to yourself."

The targets starts with the gathering or at least the identifying phase. Where do you have equipment that is electronic or needs electricity to operate? The things you use every day is probably easy to think of. Just as the things that stand on your TV-console-computer-office centre.
Just clean/dust those off.

The hard ones are the things that you don't use.
The old stuff. The cables. The chargers.  The batteries.
The toys. The exercise equipment. The electronic birthday card. The electronic stuff.
In which drawer are they leaking or draining out?
Where can they start a fire or destroy the things next to it?

Gather, inventory, mark, hold, enjoy or get rid of.
You know the drill by now.

I am adding to this list the task to collect all my university papers, memos and my thesis(-s) in one electronic folder to burn on a CD. I will never need it, read it or use it, but I spent way to much intellectual hard work on those words to just leave them to rot on a computer that is not being updated. 

I am also going to see if I can inspire the man to take another good look on our electronic libraries of books, music and pictures as well as his numerous servers and old hard drives he sticks in every corner of the apartment because they contain his work data. No pressure, it is his choice to do or not to do, but maybe he'll be inspired by what I do? 
Some gentle sub-conscious inspiring or role-modelling for later can be more efficient than outright nagging. If not, nagging it will be.


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    1. Now is a good time to start tackling them (use your hockey skills)!