Saturday, 11 August 2018


I have graduated.

I have run for thirty minutes or little over five kilometres three times in one week.

Small small steps turned into a running routine and a succeess.

I want to thank all people providing running inspiration over the years. You have no idea you were inspiring at the time and I probably made fun of you then. During the last months, I have thought of you often and the memory of you and your words have truly been helpful. I am so glad you ever even casually told me you went for a run in the morning before breakfast, that you ran every week, that you ran just a little when you felt sad or just ran, ran, ran, ran, ran or wanted to run (you all know who you are) as it has served as inspiration for me.

I have graduated the Couch to 5 kilometres program that NHS has for free on the website to download for free for everybody around the world.
It is a nine week program to take people who do not run through a series of ... events... to enable the confidence and stamina to run in ones own pace for thirty minutes or five kilometres.

Nine weeks is a fictional number, it is more of a nine seasons program.
It says that there are three ... events ... per week with a resting day in between.
That is idealised and not suitable for grumpy untrained over 50s like me. More resting days are good, especially in the beginning. Just keep it up and keep going back to it. Each run, even each attempt to run, is different and even a bad attempt is better than the running done on the couch.

It has taken me from the end of April until the beginning of August to finish this nine week program. I started the first time in December and there has been injuries, low self-esteem, bad temper, insults, muscle pain and exhaustion. There has been misery, and drama and super supportive strangers and hopelessness and cats to help.
The time it has taken me to reach the target does not matter one bit. Only my persistence matters.
Aaaactually, not even my persistence: but rather my ability to return again and again to do again things I say I will not ever do again.

Most importantly there has been Laura.
Laura is the name of the running coach for the NHS Couch to 5 K. 
And what Laura says, you do. Laura says you can do it. So you do it.
(If you can't run, just focus all the things you can do.)

I did what Laura said.
And kept doing it.
And nobody is more surprised than me - I ran for 30 minutes or over 5 K, three times in a week.

I am a C25K graduate.

I will continue doing this for three months with no increase in ambitions or targets.


  1. Congrats! I bet you're on an Olympic High right now!

    1. I feel like an athlete! I don't look it, but it feels fantastic!