Sunday, 12 August 2018


I am not sans-culottes any more.
I have culottes! I am not to be blamed for the so called French Revolution any longer.

I finished sewing my green cotton culottes that I started during the World Cup this summer.

They turned out really good. The pockets, the covered fly, the raised waste band, the folds - everything came out perfect and very very neatly sewn. No mistakes at all (left after unpicking...)

The man commented it with: "Wow, it really looks ... as it should." High praise indeed.

Only one sliiiiiiight problem. They don't fit ME very well.
Comfortable, but too big even though I worked hard to fit them to myself.
Fitting on oneself by oneself is very difficult and probably should not be attempted. I will ask the man for more help in the future.
Unfortunately, this model does not have belt loops and they cannot be added afterwards so onto the hip they slide.

They shrunk quite a bit when I washed them but are still slightly too big.
The shrinking also made it obvious that they were not shaped to follow my body. I also think I may sew down all the folds for a sleeker look. Any ideas to make them fit better are much welcome.

Still, ridiculously comfortable and perfect for city-visits. Secure to sit down in anywhere (without showing my underwear). Dressy enough to go anywhere.
Happy colour for summer.

Better result than expected as they were primarily a project to train sewing with the ambition to sew more of my own clothes.
My skills, unused for close to twenty years, is being awoken and re-sharpened.

The fabric (thick soft cotton twill) was bought on the market for €1/metre, the cotton thread €0,50 for 500 metre (used in max €2,20 for fabric and thread.
The zipper had been rescued from an old bag before I threw it out so cost me nothing. I had to purchase a bit of fabric stiffener for the waste line for €1/metre but I only used max €0,20 worth for this project

In total the coulottes cost me around €2,4 and are wearable.

(Especially if I gain back a couple of kilos, they will fit perfectly!)


  1. Nice work! I think they look really great as well.

    Why is it not possible to add belt loops after construction? Is the waistband too thick?

    The only other thing I can think of is to take a couple tucks in the waistband (but that would alter the appearance of the culottes).

    I used to live in Amsterdam, and I really miss the deals you could get on fabric at the outdoor markets.

    - Tina

    1. Yes indeed, why can I not add belt loops? Thank you for the challenge, I have indeed to give it a try! The markets are great for most things, come back and we’ll do a tour.