Wednesday, 1 August 2018


Today the stock markets and the value of my assets are up.

It has been a long time since I managed to calculate the value of all my assets on a day when the markets were up. Dividing with my traditional low but current annual budget gives me my FI-number: my financial independence number.

The FI-number of 38,45 means that I can live on the current value of my assets (except the value of my studio apartment as I always will have to live somewhere) for 38,45 years. I am 50 and my family has an average survival rate around 85 years of age (my biological father just died right on the expected life time). I think I will be OK even if I do not work again as long as the price index is covered by dividend and interests (which it might not, nobody knows the future; not with Mr orange in da' house'.)

Anyway, I am financially fine - today.
I count my assets on the first of every month and it is nice to see the assets increasing with every year.
I still work and still save (oh yes I save hard still) so most of the increase in the FI-number can be new savings but it really does not matter much where the increased value is coming from at this moment. The day I'm fed up with the new management (read we do no know what you do but we will tell you how to do it), I can politely close my computer, leave it on the desk and walk out.

(Work computer has never been connected to any private information and can be left behind at a moments notice. Everybody knows this and my closest manager screens me from most of the nonsense, thankfully.)

I will probably always work, I like what I do, but now at least I do not have to make money out of it.

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