Sunday, 10 March 2019


We currently live with one room less.
Normally, we think we have a small apartment. Two small bedrooms, one single, one double. One narrow kitchen, with no room for a table. One living room. And six meter hallway, one walk in closet, one heating closet, one toilet and one shower room.
(We sleep in the single bedroom where we have squeezed in a large bed between three walls.)

The double bedroom, that we use as an office/ study/ library, has been emptied into the living room.
Seven book cases have been dismantled into the heating closet and kitchen. Desk and chair into bedroom and hallway. All books and stuff, including two chests of drawers, decorate our living room.

Every thing we do requires planning. That goes there, this here and that can stand in front of the fridge for a while. The bicycle storage is filled with old carpet and under flooring. Bicycles stand outside, double locked of course. (It is Amsterdam after all.) We even have some in the hallway until the city comes to collect Tuesday (sorry, neighbors).

However, we have reached phase two. We are now done dismantling and are working to put good things in. Almost everything is painted, the building manager has been here too look at the wet/rusting wall, and we’ll live with the non-sticking poster paint (we have a great housing corporation but it is a repurposed building, and it is Amsterdam after all. Standard of living isn’t as high here as in Scandinavia. We’ll survive.)

So now new under flooring go in, the new floor start going in tomorrow and by the weekend, we can slowly start the chaos of assembling seven book cases, two chests of drawers and trying to restructure some type of order again. I think we will find stuff in unexpected corners and keep moving things a round for a long time.

Interesting timing. I have an interview for a cool job later this week, only two hours away.

Friday, 1 March 2019


Holy camoly; my financial Independence number has come back up and is today at 39,31.

That means that when all my assets available to me (so not pension rights or apartment value f.ex.) are summarised and divided by my annual budget, it would last me over 39 years. Presuming the value of the assets doesn't crash again or that the dividends and interests cover price increases - and presuming that I never make another øre in my life (read: penny, cent, kopek, groschen, centime or which ever your financial references are).

So Jeez Louize - although I left my job in October and have not have had any salary income since November and although no inheritance has been paid out yet (because I am related to imbeciles), and although my unemployment benefits are less than my monthly budget; although everything:
interest, value increases and dividends have covered the rest and kept the assets at a level for FIRE. (Google the term if you are not ERE - Extreme Early Retirement or belongs to the Mustachioed group or the Money or your life-generation.)

I am also eating lots of iron and vitamins and have finally kicked the coughing. Healthy and energetic again, finally. Liver sausage and oranges together are a great pick-me-up for the north hemisphere in the winter. So what if I am a vegetarian by choice - I like liver sausage - especially with pickled cucumbers. Together they increase ability to be absorbed and usually within a day or to, the pale Scandi's look almost healthy again. I hope the weekend will include a re-start of the running.

It is Friday and we are sharing a bottle of wine and watching this weeks episode of the Great British Sewing Bee. So lame, so camp, so lovely.