Monday, 27 May 2019


I have given up the early retirement and I am going back to work.

I applied for a job I was only half qualified for, in the country where the man lives, even in the town where he lives and where I have spent much time the past five to ten years, for a company I respect.
Of course I did not get the job, but they made me another.

The company made me a job that fits me.
A perfect fit and a perfect timing.
I start 1 June.

The process has been beyond belief. The experience almost incomprehensible.
I still find it difficult to believe.
But they made me a job, advertised it internally, warned everybody that they would have to match this external candidate they had found, gave me about 25% more in salary than I have ever made in my entire life and relocated me from my mother's country to the man's country within 18 hours.
Because I do not own very much and want to keep even less, it was packed up within an hour.
I start in a few days.

It shouldn't not happen. It doesn't happen to me. I very nearly did not even apply.
Actually, I actually did not even fully apply. I only sent my regular CV. No letter, nothing more.
The internal recruiter spotted it, called for an impromptu interview and brought me to the attention of the department. This is why internal recruiters are so much better for the company than any agency.

I met with the cynical leader of the department. We solved the world's problems in half an hour.
I met with the manager of the department. We became firm friends in twenty minutes.
I met with the head of the department. A very impressive person, highly admirable.
I met with the manager of the neighboring department. We made plans to solve the company issues.

I do not know what is wrong with them -
they love me, they want me and they told the recruiter to get me.
It may be appropriate to quote Groucho Marx: I do not want to belong to a club who wants me as a member except in this case; this is my dream company.

I will cycle to work.
I will live with the man full time.
I will make a shitload of money... and
I will have absolutely no time to spend the money as I will be working silly hours.
I will be Senior + my profession + list of abbreviations for my specialisation + position
at a company you will have heard of. I may not blog very often after this month.

Onnittelut Suomi!

Tuesday, 21 May 2019


We go on vacation to have it worse than we have at home, so that we enjoy what we have better.

Or at least, we go on vacation to live vastly different than we do at home.

With Flux moving into the consistency of pudding, we packed up tent and camping equipment.
Strapped it on our trekking bicycles, rolled onto the train and went to sleep outdoors with limited internet access for a few days.

Steam train
Six days filled with instant food and remote sacrificial burial places from the first millennia and a steam train. I like trains.

We then went home to clean and negotiate for a job.
And cleaned everything.

Waiting for response, we packed up again and repeated the procedure for the waterlandscaped areas. Pondering pumping equipment run with either steam or wind, enjoying long conversations with several fanatic members of local museums, we slept outside another three nights.
Empty camp sites, spacious bicycle roads, cheap prices.

Came home, negotiated salary for said job.
And cleaned everything.
Our tent
Now, we stay at home enjoying flushing toilets, sitting on upholstery and walking around naked. Coffee, fresh vegetables and warm feet are treats to be appreciated and cherished.

Vacation is for change, widening of horizons and spreading ones wings. It is for living primitively and knowing what is essential and what is not.
For example: I had to buy deodorant on the way.
Lesson: Using deodorant is good, even essential.
Using one that does not smell as a Friday night on the boat to Finland would be better.
Combining warm sweaty cycling with that deodorant, smelling as the Saturday morning on the boat back from Finland, made me thoroughly appreciate the windy outdoors.

I went on vacation and came home with a deep appreciation for no-fragrance deodorant.

Wednesday, 1 May 2019


I do not know exactly what happened.
My Financial Independence number (assets divided by annual budget) just ballooned in April.

I know it must have to do with the development on the markets where my assets are invested.
It is kind of ridiculous to go from 39 last month (and 37 three months ago) to over 42 years of available assets in such a short time. Ridiculous and high risk of course.
For once, it was my turn to score some of it.
Yes, I am taking home profits and solidifying assets.

No. I am still not making any money beyond my unemployment benefits (although they are minimal income, they are exceeding my monthly needs as they are slightly below my annual budget and I can keep wants low for at least the next year). I saved hard for years to be able to say "Nah, you know boys, this isn't fun any more, close the lid on my laptop and go home.
So I did. October 2018.

I am very grateful to my previous self to have saved diligently, invested carefully and learning about investments against my natural interest. I thank my old me for every magazine I never bought, each taxi I did not take and all take-out food I never paid for and instead stayed hungry for another half an hour until I was home and cooked for myself. Every scrap of leftover food saved and utilised. Every other saved piece of money over ten years adds up to a lifestyle to be kept on a low budget and savings available to bad times. I am grateful to my past me.

Today I wear red and white in honour of Ajax beating Tott'n'm Hotspurs yesterday in the first (away) match in the semi-finals of Champions League. (This is the finest European international football league for all you with interests otherwise. Ajax is the pride of Mokum (Amsterdam) and my new love. Spurs are from north London and I've only ever been to their nightclub. A story for another time).