Saturday, 31 August 2019

Future independence

So what is it like to leave early retirement after less than a year, give up the simple lifestyle with no requirements and no financial worries, to go back to work full time?

It is brilliant. I love it. The position is perfect for me, the company is advanced, the management style friendly professional and the people friendly and welcoming. I have a manager who covered for me until I learned the company, the routines and the procedures. Now I am of course already insanely busy with difficult things.
However, I pack a lunch box most days, I cycle to work every day, I stay for normal working hours and I cycle home to the man every evening through the most beautiful city in the world.
And I have no work travel.

I am fully aware of how lucky I am, and how rare it is to land a job like this.
I do not quite know what I do all the time, or how things works some of the time, but I refuse to stress about that.

I bought a new wardrobe before I started my new job.
Three suit jackets, four pairs of trousers, five tops and a pair of neat shoes. 20 pairs of black socks. €350. I added some pieces from the wardrobe, a few second hand finds and as I am working from home one day a week and wearing jeans on Fridays, there is no shortage of formal office clothes. I wear the same outfit again and again. Not an issue. I am very relieved how it has worked out.
This was a huge concern for me before I started.

I also moved countries. I have now formally relocated, immigrated and emigrated. I only live in one country. Bank, insurance, health care, city taxes, public transport, everything already taken care of. It is of course helpful that I speak the language and have the man to explain the rest for me.

And I make money. I have just been paid my first three monthly salaries in my new currency into my new bank account. Riiiiidiculous amounts of money when comparing to the budgeted needs.

I continue to calculate financial independence. On 1 June it was over 40 years. Those assets will largely remain untouched until I need to buy a property. Managed and maintained.

From 1 July I started a new journey from scratch for future independence. Added a small buffer from the old FI-assets to bridge the move but only needed it as security. It is nicely building up month by month as change settles into routine.

The ambition is to keep the same annual budget as before with a continued ambition to reduce costs further.
No expansion, no indulgence, no expenses because I can afford it.
No car, no expensive holidays, no fancy watch, no new jewellery, no new house, not even a summer house, no eating out and no lazy financial decisions.
Same lifestyle as before, just including work. And income.
I like it.

Until I don't and then I can stop working again.