Saturday, 8 February 2020


I continue to break our kitchen porcelain.

One of the two smallest side plates (assiettes) recently went to pieces during dish washing. Unfortunately it was not the one that already had a chip and lived on borrowed time. It was the good one. There is a high chance that we will have no small side plates after the kitchen clean out I do now.

I have a very high resistance to disgusting but chipped china is not acceptable for food preparation. We'll hang on to it for another month or so. The entire family is coming for the annual party and we will need all plates available then. We don't use them very often and really do not need to replace it. If we're lucky, somebody will break it for us.

I recently also found a large crack in one of the largest coffee glasses.
I did not do it! (At least not that I am aware of). It has not officially yet been classified as broken but it is definitely on its way out. I still did not do it! However, it is not a major problem as the trash gods recently gave me a very nice double walled tea glass in glass.

The man however crushed one of our beloved porridge plates the other day. While doing dishes he dropped something less cared for, on top of it. The dropped item did not break but the porridge bowl did. Now we are down to four porridge bowls out of the six we bought some four years ago cheaply in a restaurant outlet wholesaler. This is the longest time we've had bowls surviving in our kitchen. We can live with four and do not need to replace anything yet.

Sadly, one of the a dinner eating bowls is showing wear and tear. It is not yet actually chipped or cracked but there are clear signs of distress. Strangely, because the other identical one has no wear at all and we always use both. It doesn't matter. They were gifted to the man at least fifteen years ago - possibly even included in another purchase - and has well earned their existence. We started thinking about how we could replace them since we use them all the time. Then we started measuring how much food each bowl actually held and compared it to the breakfast bowls (half size) and the enormous restaurant styled dinner plate-like bowls we never use thinking them way to big (same size). So we'll just use what we have until and also after the beloved dinner bowls break.

We still have five normal sized dinner plates (all white but three different versions) and if needed, four fancy gargantuan sized restaurant styled dinner plates that we only use for pancakes (portion control stats with the size of the plate, you know). It could look like need but it really isn’t, not even really a want.

If the china breaking isn't going to increase, there is nothing we need in the kitchen this year.
But that is not a promise.

While my colleagues in China and all over Asia are either quarantined or with no production going, and we all being perfectly safe, I clean the kitchen and wash my hands.

At the beginning of the month, my financial independence number was (in years) 50,15 (plus 2,6 in my new currency). Even with a possible financial market decrease, I start out very safe and I have a pantry stocked with at least two weeks worth of dry and canned food that is not needed anymore.