Wednesday, 1 April 2020

FI42 and physically safe

Safe, content and out of risk.

This is basically the only thing relevant these days.

I have been working from home since early February, with colleagues in China in quarantine since the beginning of the year and I am looking be at home until at least beginning of June; at least.
I work full time, more than full-time, and all on-line systems work fine. I still have my job but have no illusions about any future work security. Work for the man is drying up. I'll just continue to do and plan to do my job until they stop paying me.
Thank heavens I like my job, where I live and who I live with (and I am reminding myself how happy I am to not living with some other people).

My bean, pea and tomato plants are doing very well, and wait for the weather to become warmer until they can go live on the balcony. A few paprika and a few kale are coming too. This year I have been able to care for them daily, almost hourly and finally managed to grow plants from seeds. The man focuses on different salads, thyme, basil, parsley and other herbs.

We have food in the cupboards, and the shops are full of food. Being a bit of a ´prepper´ has really paid off this year (as well as last time some years ago when the distribution chain for the supermarkets fell through). It is simpler for us than for most as we don't eat meat. Dried, canned, packaged and fresh root vegetables can be stored a longer time as the fat content is lower. Some bottles of different liquid fats, oils or butter stores a long time. We already had this at home together with a few cans of sardines for if the food cravings develop and the animal concerns decrease. We do one visit to our local shop but only once a week and trying to support this family owned store rather than a supermarket chain.

The man and I try to focus our in-house life more on doing things, rather than just watching and reading. Gardening, cooking, cleaning and de-cluttering get more attention than otherwise, but also starting up projects involving sewing (we are each making a pair of trousers), acting out theatre plays together, dancing, and making hiking plans. We talk about learning languages, drawing, writing stories, and other ambitious projects but it does not happen, so it just remains an ambition.

Health is fine; morning exercises, rope skipping and shadow boxing are still a normal part of the morning routine. I work on keeping the immune systems active (cold showers, garlic, healthy eating, sleeping well and anything that does not cost money). We are still allowed outside for individual activities in the near area so we both go running early in the morning a few times a week. Not far, not together and staying away from all other people. We will still be fat and unfit when we are released, but hey ho... Alive is the target, healthy is the ambition, fit is just something to dream about.

Friends and family are all in-house, behaving badly, but at least without contact with others. (Being from the Scandi countries, most family and friends have very little physical contact in their normal daily life anyway, no social kissing, very little hugging and strangers and acquaintances are kept at distance.)

The financial situation is disastrous in monetary specifics, but without concern in specifics of financial independence. The financial independence number is still sufficient for a 4% withdrawal rate to cover my personal annual budget as it is current. Beginning of February gave the financial independence number (total assets divided by annual budget) of 50,15 years, beginning of March 47,39 years and now beginning of April 42,82 (equivalent to September 2019, and the value of an apartment later).

So all is crap, but could be worse, and is much worse for some of you and many others,

          I try to focus on everything, anything still good. Anything.