Monday, 1 June 2020

FI47,28 and safe-ish

For the first day of June 2020, my financial independence number is 47,28 and for the fist day of May it was 45,82. It is bad, but has been worse and is a lot and I am still FIRE and fine.
The number means that the financial assets are currently available for the next 47 years, as long as I stay in my current budget, unless anything unexpected happens, the costs stay in line with the compensation of the dividends and interests gained by the financial assets. Which they of course will not.
So I hold on to my cheap life style, my cheap living accommodations, my free hobbies and my man. It is good and it can stay good for a long time. I still hold my job as it is currently fine. A new manager is coming (again! third in 11 months) but this one I think I actually look forward to.

Amsterdam is has been in intelligent lock-down since mid March, I have been at home since late February. We have been in quarantine twice for fourteen days in that period. The people around us and Amsterdammers in general have been relatively intelligent about the lock-down and the rules about social distancing. Of course it helps that we are allowed out daily together, and in shops on our own. The curve has come down, the exposure to the virus is reduced and we have all learned new routines. The new normal is starting to become normal. At least people over thirty seem to behave (relatively) sane and intelligent.

Between colds, we are still running (early in the mornings), cycling in the weekends (early in the morning and staying away from the pretty places).
My work is quite intense, and I work harder and longer than before. In between, the man and I grow our balcony full of eatable plants, sew clothes from the existing fabric in the house, deep clean the house and continue to go through our belongings. I have only gained four kilos through reduced movement and comfort eating. I also have volunteered to teach my home language on-line and the man manages his family computers and electronic needs at a distance.

Physically, we are relatively safe and doing fine. Mentally it varies between days. 
I am not bored, I can keep doing this for a long time, but I do notice that our bubble is closing in on us and we are becoming unsocial. We will need re-assimilation and social training soon.

I try to focus on now, here, the benefits to come. For example, that Amsterdam will not be over-run by cheap tourists again. We are taking our city back, moving out on the side walks, closing the crap shops selling souvenirs, kicking illegal or over priced subletting to tourists out, and instead providing housing for the people who live and work here. You all will be guests in the future, and will be expected to act as it.
I hope.

I enjoy that is nice to sleep with the windows open with no drunken screaming on the streets (only tourists, the Dutch do not sing on the streets). It is so nice to not hear the constant sound of roller-bags over the cobble stones (only tourists, the Dutch have bicycles and bicycle bags).
It is so nice to hear all the different languages on the street and know that it is because we are already an mixed society with people coming from all over the world.

There are benefits, although even a incurable optimist like me will have to look hard sometimes.
Stay safe, keep breathing, wash your hands.