Wednesday, 1 July 2020

FI47,9 coming out

With the first day of the month in the calendar, I count all my assets that I have direct control over, and divide them with the annual budget I live within.
The Financial Independence number for 1 July 2020, is 47,9 (+3,5). It means that I can live 47,9 years on the available assets as long as I stay with the current budget and that price increases are compensated by interest or dividends from the assets. This is probably too simplified, and the value of assets are no certainty in the future.
I have not included state pension from any of my countries, no private or work pension funds that I have no direct access to, and I own no car, jewellery or property any more. Either way, I included the value of a home as an asset, as I always would need somewhere to live.
During 2020, the assets have varied from a FI value of over 50, to a low of 42 in February, and then up again. The markets where I have my assets has recovered and my assets with them. The coming recession makes it unlikely that the assets will be advancing in the next few years.
The FI-number 3,5 refers to assets on another market, to be invested in something providing happiness for my old age. I am unbelievably lucky, and I thank my 2010-self who made serious financial lifestyle changes, and my old selves who made choices every day since then, enabling the current situation.
Extreme saving ratios over the last few months makes the future even better.
The financial target for 2020 may or may not be reached, and even without a job, I should be ok as long as I avoid negative lifestyles.

The health target is the new focus, with weight creeping up during lock-down and the amount of meditation going down. I have started running again (again, and again), and with the Netherlands coming out of the first wave, cycling around the country is the new weekend activity. If I can keep the work stress down, the spread of infection is slowing even further, and I do not go bonkers and start crawling the walls, the health target should be ok for the end of the year.

I have a pleasure target for the year, and although it is very difficult to advance these four months, I do focus on including my identified pleasures every day, week and month. We were lucky to have had a long cultur-filled weekend in Madrid the week before the closure, and we have been lucky to have had a long bicycle-wild camping trip this week right after the opening up. We are slowly coming out of our bubble, careful and protective as bears after hibernation, but we are out (pride month or no pride month)! No social activities, no groups in public places, no indoor visits. There will be plenty of time for that later, I can stay with social distancing for a long time yet.

With the heavy work load, the lock-down and the mental need to stay active avoiding thinking and brooding too much, the intellectual target has not been advanced. It may even have declined. I have not spent many full hours reading in the last four months. Different targets for different times. The last couple of months have seen cleaning, cooking, baking, sewing, gardening, knitting, embroidery and making a paper theatre. Not intellectual, but clearly more beneficial mentally.

Connections with friends, family, colleagues and acquaintances have either been too much, and in some cases too little. We will need re-socialisation after this, similar to old cats from the shelters. I am even less people friendly and fool enduring than before. I intend to stay working from home until forced to return to the office (beyond the monthly visit to check the post). I love working from home.
Stolen from OneVikinggirl
Covid-19 did this.

With the constant attention between difficult meetings, the balcony vegetable plants are delivering a daily abundance of food. We daily eat sugar snaps, chard, herbs and looking forward to the tomatoes, beans and Jerusalem artichokes to ripen later.

The annual targets health, pleasures, intellectualism, and family & friends remain to be higher in focus while the economic target will take care of itself - or not. The pandemic rules, and I cannot fight it. I can only protect myself and the people in my close area. So I do.
I have sewn a lot, using material already at home, such as a duvet cover. It resulted in unfortunately matching trouser, shirt and mouth cap.
I could be one of the von Trapp children.