Sunday, 2 August 2020

FI48,71 back in

The curve is turning up again. Covid is not over yet. Second wave is coming. The Netherlands had restrictive recommendations against travelling here, but we just became a high-risk country too. At least my region, my town and my neighbourhood. The Dutch intelligent lock down lasted four months, and after three weeks with limited opening up of society, I fully expect to be locked back in again quite soon. Intelligent lock down is Dutch for "you know what to do and do not need to be policed about it".

But tourists do not stay at home. No-no! The mandatory quarantine is disregarded as nobody is said to be checking, but that is not how it works here. Looking at you Sweden, what you do in your own country is one thing, but bringing your lack of understanding of the pandemic to other countries is beyond blåögt. Netherlands is not New Zealand. The borders cannot be closed.

Old Zeeland, and both Holland's are all high-risk areas again.

Consequentially, we have rebuilt our two week food stock to be able to handle a full quarantine again (still no yeast available). We have picked up new books to read, patterns and threads for sewing, and I have been into the office and restocked the home office with office material. We have been out cycling avoiding popular and even pretty places, but increasing stamina and distance. We can do this, we are not desperate or even bored - but oh boy, I am so tired of protecting people who ought to know better. I will continue to protect myself though.

My annual goals are divided into Health, Intellectualism (for lack of a better word), Finances, Pleasures and Home (including friends & family). I try to look at them each month to see where more attention is needed.

The financial assets are invested to be, if not recession proof, at least with long term savings in mind. The financial independence number, dividing assets with my annual budget, is currently at 48,71. The recession will come also on the markets where I have my assets, but it is fine. I do not include pension rights in my assets as I do not have any control. I have no house, car, jewellery or debt to calculate. I still work so this is not a concern.

Plans are made for the five year and the one year perspective. Dreaming and having thought through ideas of future pleasures, makes enduring the present so much easier. We dream about a two month cycling trip to one of our favourite places, passing a lot of our other favourite areas. Dreaming and planning are important mental tools for us to stay optimistic. We read, sew, garden, cook trying to develop more skills. They are not as high-brow intellectual or as international as they used to be. The mental stability is currently more important.

Health is fine, but fattening up. The home storage of remedy medicine is rebuilt. I have been to the dentist for cleaning. Teeth are the first thing to be damaged by unhealthy life style. This is money well spent but I need to pay more attention to this. We still work out ten minutes every morning, and have a daily physical activity of some sort, minimally the daily walk in the neighbourhood. The weekends have included running or cycling in deserted areas,  especially on days with bad weather or during early mornings to avoid people. In the worlds most beautiful country, even the weekend closed industrial areas provide charming picnic places. We are very very lucky that I managed to get relocated permanently and legally before the outbreak.

The friends are kept in touch with, sharing difficulties, life hacks and solutions. The family connections deteriorating week by week. Caring for old relatives is currently our main stress and concern. There is a lot of fear and most respond to the feeling of being scared, with acting out in anger and with blame. Not a happy family situation. The man and me work hard on our own relationship. We know that together we are stronger, better and happier than apart. My reptile brain demands security as a solitary cave dweller when communication becomes difficult. I work hard on trying to be a civilized human. Less of a brutal, raging, blood-thirsty, burn, bludgeon and pillage Viking re-enactment. That dna-derived behaviour need to be avoided in these sensitive times.