Tuesday, 1 September 2020

FI50,57 - day dreaming

Ja-ja, yada-yada, toi-toi-toi, what about it. Another month, nothing new. The world as we knew it is still coming to an end. 

Sure, the money is available (FI50,57), safety is available (working from home), health care is available (free testing and functioning public health care available for all) and the weather has finally cooled down. 

BUT - it is difficult to enjoy it with all the drama in the world. I focus on friends and acquaintances (avoiding drama queens, toxic friends and news from similar countries) I am trying to accept that the change is here to stay. I remember when Aids came into my reality, when casual and unprotected sex was not to be had no more. If feels similar, life is like sex is with a condom and at 2 meter distance.

I focus hard on enjoying the little things. Those things are becoming smaller and smaller and the joy is possibly a little forced at times. The inner city balcony garden provides the last tomatoes, salad, basil and other herbs while continue to grow large bell peppers, beans, sprouts and Jerusalem artichokes. The home made corona clothing collection has been shown on the (virtual) cat walk, worn and enjoyed. 

Income from work continues and is not included in my FI-summary (also not including future pension rights as I have no control over them or any property values - as I own nothing).
The current spending is ridiculously low because we only eat and do little else.
The savings are very high, but I recognize that it contains a lot of deferred costs that will come later... maybe, hopefully.

This month, I broke the glass in our push-down cafetière coffee pot. A new pot would cost around €60, a replacement glass around €30. Removing the broken glass, I went looking at home for something that would fit the unbroken handle. A glass from something else was found. It is possibly from a milk frother originating in the happy 90s spending sprees, currently used as a vase. It fitted so well that only some adhesives was needed to complete a fully functioning cafetière. Violá, a no cost solution. 
It gave me also the project to clean through all glass and reconsider its alternative uses, as well as repacking everything in the storage box that holds all left-over and double kitchen paraphernalia currently not used. There is a replacement cafetière available for when I break it next time. I have no illusions.

The month has seen an accumulation of shoes. It is such a rare thing, I must blogg about it.
I am very picky about shoes. It is not easy to combine size, fit, style, comfort, durability and price. This year I have worn out two pairs. I bought one pair of sneakers in the spring (€45, full price, fully satisfied). Now I have bought two used pairs of my favourite brand (discontinued 2017) on-line. I cycled over 20 kilometers round trip to try them on and pick them up directly and safely. Thank you lovely lady for listing them on-line although not worth much money. I also bought one pair new at a reduced-reduced price from an outlet shop around the corner early one morning totally spontaneous. Total spend €17 for the three pairs.
We spent a Saturday polishing all shoes to spit-shine, using existing product and brushes with instructions off the internet. My available shoes and boots will last me the next five years. We also cleaned and repacked all shoe care paraphernalia while at it.

Day dreaming in detail is the new lifestyle. I really try to keep the spirits up and not curse to much when talking about the current situation. I do try to develop ambitions and plans.
It involves attempting to be allocated a garden allotment for next year, at least within 10 kilometre from home (not a chance, not even for all the money I have, but very pleasant to dream about.)
It also involves planning for a several month long bicycle trip to go to and through my favourite part of Europe (as an alternative to the gardening project, possibly entirely impossible but very nice prepare for with focus on gaining strength, stamina, fitness, health and strong teeth).

Most days include some form of escapism into a detailed alternative reality. It is hard.
Even the perfect life in Amsterdam becomes boring when focus must be on protecting myself against the people who does not protect themselves.
Financially Independent is great, but I wish my outer world could be bigger. I'll perk up in a week or so.


  1. Yes, my discretionary spending had dropped dramatically during the pandemic too. Not eating in restaurants saves a lot of money in particular!

  2. I agree, unfortunately I do not have the courage to be a better supporter of my neighbourhood businesses.

  3. One wonders what the future will hold. I am finding that my priorities are to support others, find win wins in business, supporting businesses that I care about and keeping them going. So far being a capital city, we are doing ok, lots of public servants still, and govt support for smaller businesses. I just hope this thing gets sat on once and for all, but it's unlikely to be the last...

    1. This is good thinking. Being pro something, supporting a specific aim, doing good deeds, even if small, is the best way to work positively.
      Remembering some essential products are not safely (health or environmental perspective) produced by smaller businesses.