Saturday, 21 February 2015


Decluttering and managing stuff
2008 I packed up the content of a house, locked it into the attic and rented out the house. I left that country with seven moving boxes and two suitcases. I moved into a furnished apartment and I bought the content.
2010 I moved the content to a much larger apartment and added some finds from the streets and garbage containers.
2013 I emptied one house with the help of a charity organisation and the waste sorting station. I left that country in a van with a chest of drawers, some ten moving boxes and my clothes.
2014 I emptied the first house and moved the necessities into 23 sqm. Four boxes and some family furniture went to my mother's house. Seven boxes and a carpet roll left that county.

The emptying primarily took time but it was a lot less painful than I though it would be. It was not painless but now I am free from my past clutter. I still have memories, photos and some lovely items I really love. I have almost nothing that makes me sad or weighs me down. Everything I own is either unimportant beyond its purpose or is something I would like to keep forever.

Now 2015, I own very little furniture and all would be donated when moving countries the next time.

I could probably move myself anywhere within a few days and with only a regular rented van.
And still, surely there are more things I could live without?

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