Wednesday, 22 April 2015


Admire without owning

Learn that you can like things in a shop without buying it. Then practise to admire things without wanting to own them.
Develop a direct admiration and interest and detach the need to acquire.
The need to possess is a want, not a need.
It is also a difficult emotion. It is mostly a very fickle feeling that disappears with owning.
Have you ever bought something that when you come home stay in the bag for some time? This is the result of the fickle feeling of needing to possess, more commonly identified as shopping as a hobby.

You do not need to own it to like it. You can like it without acquire it.
Items are no better because you bring them home (most commonly it is the other way around). 

Take a picture if the shop owner allows it or just make a note of what you want.
It is usually all you need to do to to identify yourself with your admiration.

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