Saturday, 31 October 2015


Owning classics will always be the result of making long term investments for each item ever purchased.

My classics have not always been bought that way. Most of them have sort of just been left around when everything else was worn out, left behind or donated.

My watch is about ten years old by now but it is the style and has the same functions as my first non-child watch had. (Time, date and day of the week - all fitted in a ladies watch.
My shoes have changed the last few years with my lifestyle. They are all still black though, as well as all my socks (except my happy socks).
My books are a choice collection and most was sold when I sold the house. I still have a complete collection of old, but not first, editions of Dorothy L Sawyer's books about Lord Peter Wimsey.
My mirror will stay with me forever while my bicycle is ex-changeable.
I hold a few heirlooms from the family, such as jewellery and keep-sakes, but pictures are what I will hang on to primarily.
Few if any of my daily furniture are important, but some are in my mother's house.

Owning classics for me primarily means that I only own one of each item that I need.
I still have much more than I need, my superfluous days are not that long gone so I have not used up or worn out everything yet.

Only own classics if you are going to use them. Note to self too: keep the emotional attachments to physical items to a minimum. Especially large items such as furniture. They do bog down and they do hold you in one place. They most certainly do not identify yourself.

The less you know about brand names and other marketing strategies, the more focused on use and usability you will become. If your pen has a star or not is not important ... especially if you do not write anything any more.

However, just today I became the proud owner of a classic. The antique shop down the road had placed it in their Free to take-box. I came home skipping happy and the man was as pleased as I could have hoped for. All plans for the evening and the weekend changed. Tonight we play an almost unused Dutch language version of an approximately 1992 edition of the Genius version of Trivial Pursuit.
If you don't hear from me tomorrow...

Friday, 30 October 2015


The task I set for myself in October was to go through all underwear and sleepwear.  Many sorting, clearing and wardrobe projects exempts these sections of clothing - for example Project 33. I am not interested in minimising, my focus it to live my life fully and completely. Shopping is not part of that for me so I care for what I already own and already like.

The challenge showed that I have seven sets of pyjama or home wear (either top and bottom or cover all) + a pair of yoga trousers. Nothing matches of course and most is not of best quality. But I have no needs, noting has to purchased and all is simple to replace - or sew myself perhaps?

In total I also own eight bra's of different sorts, of which three are on their way out. There are no needs and not even any wants since the latest purchase. I also have five loose flexi-straps in different colours (without bra's). There are also fifteen pairs of underwear, most in the exact style and in good working condition as well as a few with some special jobs to do (as in a very special pair that only gets to go out with my white linen trousers.) I also have a white slip and two full slip dresses for good and formal wear as well as a pair of nipple covers. I really was dressing quite smartly in the past.

Regarding socks there are five pairs of short black ones left from ten or twelve identical socks, five pairs of black high socks, five pairs of black ankle socks and eight hiking or sports socks. There is an upcoming need for a new stack of identical black short socks so I will keep my eyes open for my favourite kind. (They must be perfect and they must have something so I can distinguish them from the black socks of the man in the laundry.)

I also own two knee-high nylon stockings to use in fancy shoes, which I wonder if I will ever use again, unless it is to the opera or so.  I also have four pairs of stockings (by some called pantihose) but then one of them are fishnet stockings. Yes, black fishnet stockings. There are also two pairs of tights belonging to a style I have left behind so they are now used more for warmth.

To summarise: The only thing I possibly need within short future is a stack of socks, ten or so. I will keep my eyes open for more pyjamas too, either to buy or to sew.

Thursday, 29 October 2015


Once upon a time there was a girl. Perhaps a young woman, perhaps even a grown person.
She dried all the roses she ever got. Little buds. One large deep red rose. A whole bouquet of then.
All were carefully dried to keep forever.
She kept them in a large lidded glass jar that she had bought especially.

The roses kept their strong smell in the jar. Perhaps she opened and smelled them.

One day something wonderful happened to her.
She put the jar of roses on the street and lived happily ever after. Happy, happy, happy.

I do not know. I made it all up.
I just found a gigantic pristine glass jar by the trash were I work. I dumped the roses (they did smell wonderfully). After a thorough clean, we now store pasta in it.
Thanks Rose-girl and
thanks trash gods.

Wednesday, 28 October 2015


I am a wasteful spender who does not care for my property.

Weeeell, not really, but I am severely annoyed with myself today.
In my struggles to re-learn how to make patterns and sew, I am working on stretch fabrics. One of the things I wanted to try out was sewing with a twin needle.
The stretch fabric twin needle cost €5.

After about ten centimetres, one of the needles broke.
Irreparable of course.

Severely annoyed with myself.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Frugal 1570

...liketh, loveth, getteth, and useth.

Quote from the text written by John Dee in the Preface to The elements og Geometrie of the most auncient Philosopfer Euclide of Megara that was printed in London in 1570.
He makes a great point, although he was talking about Mappes, Chartes, & Geographicall Chartes.

The point is:
Find what you like, wait to see if you will love it. If loveth, then get it and use it.

If any of those steps are missing from your purchase, something was wrong with it. 

Maybe you were buying just to getteth without loveth?

Getteth without useth makes really no sense at all.

Liketh, anything can be liketh - but do you loveth?

And if you do not useth, you also do not need another!

The quote from Nicholas Crane Mercator - the man who mapped the world p 238.
The book is really very good and it puts you right there in the historical reality of the 16th century.

Monday, 26 October 2015


When tempo slows down and when the surroundings are unknown, there are always new things to see and experience.

Three hours under a tree by an old shack in a vineyard while the rain pounds becomes a magic moment watching the sky, the rows of grapes and to build a little fort for stick men in the soil.

A day in a village with only a boulangerie open three hours in the morning, gives an opportunity to walk all paths in the surroundings and to watch the fish in the pond.

A museum with only twenty paintings can be enjoyed in depth for hours. Just because there is nothing else to do, interesting things happens and the thought process deepens.

Walk to where you need to go, let it take an hour. Look at things that you see everyday. Look again, there is always something to see. And what is behind there? Over the fence? Under the rock?

Only during the last fifty to one hundred years, have people travel faster than by foot.
Everything older than that deserves to be approached slowly.

Last year when we went tramping around Alsace and the surroundings. It rained two weeks in a row and we had three code orange (hazardous weather warnings). Tant pis. A tent pole broke and although some days were very tough, we survived and now feel at home in that part of France.

Two years ago we went south and had very hot weather, suffocatingly hot weather, for two weeks. We survived that too. We have now found there is so much more to see and experience in a region that we thought we knew so well, that we probably will go back soon.

Earlier we have roamed other parts of France, Britain, Scandinavia, Switzerland and Germany together. We have followed long distance hiking paths, cycled through flat lands and stayed out in both rain and shine. We can live in the tent for weeks but we usually book something indoors when visiting larger towns (city camp sites being what they are).

It is an easy life. It is quite cheap.
All it costs is time.
The most important thing required is the lack of expectations.

Sunday, 25 October 2015


I like clocks, watches, bells and the history of time keeping. I have several books on the subject and I have visited among others, the clock in Salisbury Cathedral, Wells Cathedral, Lund Cathedral, Prague Old Town Hall and in Greenwich among others and they never cease to amaze me.

This week I went to see some of the clocks invented and constructed by Christiaan Huygens. He invented the first pendulum clock in 1656. It gave the world finally access to correct time keeping. At least more correct than before. And as long as the pendulum was kept swinging freely of course.

We adjusted all clocks and watches today for winter time.
Phones, computers and tablets as well as the dvd-player all had adjusted automatically but time was checked and in one case adjusted.
Wrist watches were adjusted. The antique pocket watch was not adjusted.
The clock on the stove was adjusted (we have finally figured out not only to set the time but also to adjust it - unfortunately nobody ever looks at it as it is ingrain in us that it is not correct).
The clock in the bed room (visible only from the door and primarily used in the mornings to not get stuck while dressing) was adjusted (and dusted).
The clock in the living room as adjusted too and that is both physically tricky and very important. It is a huge plastic fish with googly-eyes and a clock in its mouth. It was given to me by my colleagues when I left a job in 1999. It still makes me smile almost every day because it is so silly and funny.

And that was it. To summarize, the house holds 12 time keeping devices.
I wonder what Christiaan Huygens would have thought of that.

PS. I also remembered that I have three old and unused watches, all with dead batteries or springs, in my jewellery box. That makes in total four unused watches in the house next to the twelve in use.
Maybe we should set up a watch maker's workshop or attend the watch maker school?

Saturday, 24 October 2015


Prepare and buy good things in bulk.

For me this is veggies, cabbage, potatoes, rice, pasta and other dry goods.
Buying good basic things in bulk because they are cheap makes them a natural part of your life and you diet. They will be there to serve you when you are hungry. Everything else can be an occasional craving or a random treat.

Friday, 23 October 2015


I took a beauty day yesterday.

Feeling grey, beige and quite couture less, I needed a boost me up. Systematically I worked my way through all my beauty products.

- Shampoo and conditioner
- Scrubbers, foot file, nail clippers, files and orange sticks
- Hair lighter and hair setting liquids
- Eyelash and eye brow dye
- Self tanner for legs
- Skin lotion
- Deodorant
- Spot correction, both zits and age related dark sports
- Make-up base
- Cover stick of the full coverage kind and foundation.
I did not use sun cream or bug-repellant, but I did cut my banGs, plucked my eyebrows and bent my eyelashes.

I buffed my finger nails and painted them red.
Then I found a case of compact powder. So I proceed to add that, as well as beige, brown and purple eye-shadow and even rouge.
I even found a stub of an old brown eye-liner pen from my late teens. It was so dry it could not be used around the eyes but worked fine as a brow pen.

After all of that, I looked fifteen years older and had to go and wash it all off.
With only a bit of skin lotion, I felt much better.

PS. Did I mention I was working from home?

Thursday, 22 October 2015


This week I wear white.

I have a t-shirt that will need some work because of stains. So I thought I would attend to all white clothing at the same time. But of course, I will not wash clean clothes.

Consequently -
I wear as many white clothes that I can during the week.

It is actually quite cheerful as the darker season is approaching.

Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Min vän Korvar [K'orvar] håller kylan ute på vintern.
Sausag'ery keeps the draft out.
Han bor i fönstret i biblioteket där det drar. Han håller mina fötter varma vid skrivbordet och jag behöver inte sätta på värmen bara för att det är kallt just där. Jag sydde honom troligen runt 2003 och han har varit med till flera länder och gett mig lite spänning sedan dess. Han är sydd i överbliven bordsfilt, skarvad flera gånger och har  svarta bollögon och en bit röd filt till tunga som kom från något annat. Men varje gång jag ser honom blir jag glad.

Han är inspirerad av boaormen som Saint-Exupery presenterade för Lille prinsen i den kända boken.

Men min vän Korvar har ingenting annat än all överbliven filt i magen.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015


Remove your TV and your electronic games to start living.  One of the best advice for a frugal living ever, but also the most difficult for some.

Out of all the targets I set my self, of all the things supposedly good for me to do (both from a mental and financial aspect) - this is the one thing I have always found the most difficult.
I am very attracted to TV and films. It draws me in, allures me and with its moving pictures, I easily become quite addicted.

When I moved from home in 1984, I took my parents camping TV with me. It was black 'n' white-set, and it worked quite well although it had been adjusted to regular electricity from originally having been run of a car battery. You could even watch it if you sat within a meter or so of the screen. (It had been our only TV until around 1974 and had sat in the spare room until I left.)

The camping TV did not survive many moves. Within a year or two, I lived without a TV although I sometimes lived where there would be a common room with access to a TV. I lived without a TV until around 1993 when a boyfriend brought a TV into the household. It left when he did.

It took until 2009 until I became the owner of a TV again. That one came with the contents of an apartment I took over and it was about the same size as my parents camping TV. It only showed two channels so it was not used often. It did however still work when it was donated to a charity shop in 2013.

The man has a small TV screen set in a bookcase in a corner. We have furnished that room so that whenever TV is to be watched, the sofas must be turned around. STILL, my addictions are flaring again and I am struggling not to watch TV every day. and although and with me moving in, the addiction has flared again. I really do not need to watch TV every day. Written news are so much better, faster and comprehensive and
I watch way too many things that brings me no joy past the second. I really struggle with this but the solution is not to remove the TV-set.  I watch things on my computer too so I know fully well that it is me that will have to deal with it. And deal with it I must. I probably put this up on my list of targets for 2016 (although the targets are normally what to do, not what not to do).

Electronic games where removed from my computer in around 1993 and every consecutive computer since then. If I just stay away from Tetris, I have never spent time playing electronic games. 

Monday, 19 October 2015


Rocks around the clock -
We went camping this weekend. Although a bit chilly, we had no rain and it was quite pleasant during the day. In the tent at night it is always warm and toasty.

We continued our fascination with the bronze age and went to see the largest bronze grave in this area.
Photo from Hunebedcentrum.

They also have a rock park. I have no other word for it. A park with rocks from all northern regions which through the ice movements were moved down to the continent.
These are all rocks from my childhood forests and I almost pissed myself laughing at them, neatly labelled with something like this:
Name: Greystone. Origin: Northern Europe. Age: 160 000 million years old. (approximation).

This will never stop being funny. Please remind me whenever I feel sad.

Friday, 16 October 2015


It is amazing what a little after-thought can create (at least after a few weeks when the subconscious and the brain has had time to connect the dots and grasped the problem).

I ran into a sale recently. The bras I have had my eye on for quite some time, almost a year actually, were on sale. The price had kept me off buying them (even though I have had white bras on my wish and need list for quite some time). They also did not absolutely fulfil all requirements set for the need perfectly. Among other things, they had flexible instead of fixed straps, and that is just not what I wanted. The straps even had a little stupid clasp placed exactly where the backpack hits the collar bone.
Now this may became the bonus. I think more people than me though the inconvenient flexi straps were stupid so they where left for the sale.

I ended up buying two bras in the correct size and correct colour for a quarter of the original price (€10 for two).
The stupid flexi straps have been removed and replaced with flexi straps without little stupid claps which have come from previously discarded bras and kept for 'just in case'.

I have ended up with two perfect sized, correctly coloured bras. The colour of the straps is not completely matched but since I will not show my bra nor my straps to anybody, it does not matter one bit. The flexi straps with the stupidly placed clasps can be re-used for when I really do need a flexi-bra. However unlikely, it might happen and to store the straps takes only 2x3 cm out of my underwear drawer.
I think all bra needs are filled for a few years now.

Thursday, 15 October 2015


I am not the go to person for beauty advice, but I will unsolicited give one anyway.

Cream your neck and chest (aka décolletage) regularly.
Regular skin cream, face cream, hand cream, as far as I am concerned, it does not have to be anything special about it - but cream your neck and chest. (Foot cream perhaps not the best choice, I have found.)

Result? A moisturised skin does not wrinkle in the same way a dry skin does. (It still wrinkles, but hey, we are not teenagers nor do we want to look like them.) Give it three weeks and try it out.

Cream it until it is supple and moist and every day. There will be difference, also for men.

(Oh and do not give me the "in this household there has been no moisturiser for the last twenty years" - this is an advice and if you are over fifty and do not cream regularly, you may in for a great surprise if you try it. If not, then not.)

Wednesday, 14 October 2015


My family has a tradition of bread making. Nothing special about it but bread is made at home, not bought. When I lived in England, bread was cake. In the US I was so disgusted by the bread in the shops, I made my own. In Germany, Hungary and France the baker make excellent bread, often better and sometimes cheaper than home made.

I have never considered making bread a difficult task. For many years I even lived with an electric bread making machine (not mine) although I had almost stopped eating bread all together. It has possibly been almost ten years since I regularly made bread.

I made bread this week and the total cost came to 19 e.cents for the yeast, 20 e.cents for the flour, 30 e.cents for kvarg and possibly 40 e.cents for a small amount of whole grain oats left over from a porridge experiment and some extra fibres. (I love fibres, it makes me feel good.) Total cost for two fresh whole grain loafs €1,10 (pain complet).

Before second rising.
After the second rising.

After 20 min in our obviously unevenly heated oven.
It is really good moist bread. It would be an even better if I actually also wanted to eat bread.  Helas...
But at least I know that I still know how to do it.

Tuesday, 13 October 2015


Obesity, smoking and alcohol increases risk of cardiovascular diseases - do not pretend not to know or think that it will not happen to you. The rest it is up to you.

Cardiovascular diseases are still the world’s leading cause of death. Much more should be done to prevent the major risk factors, Philippe Thébault told EurActiv France.

Philippe Thébault is the President of the Alliance for the Heart (Alliance du Cœur), an umbrella organisation of French associations and federations linked to cardiovascular diseases.

"Is public policy in France ambitious enough to deal with the cardiovascular risk factors like obesity, smoking and alcohol?
It is clear that we have no coherent policy for the 'prevention' of cardiovascular risk factors. Some other European countries have invested a lot more in both prevention and communication.
It would be easy to demonstrate that preventative action can bring big savings on patient care, emergencies and hospitalisations, thanks to small investments and concerted efforts by the public powers, patients' associations, health professionals and the press!
Screening people with certain warning signs (hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, etc.) would bring them immediate access to treatment, prevent heart attacks and strokes and significantly reduce health spending.

What is stopping the politicians from taking action?
For some risk factors, like smoking or drinking alcohol, the companies concerned have lobbyists that are ready to do whatever it takes to protect their commercial activity, by influencing politicians in various ways.

Are there any other countries that have achieved tangible results in the reduction of these factors?
Certain Nordic countries have more systematic prevention practices, and they allocate more funding to informing people of the risks, which helps provide better care."

Saturday, 10 October 2015


hmm, I did not know it was that transparent.
I took up running. I thought why not. I have the shoes.
It was not unpleasant - for the first few weeks.
Then I got a muscle inflammation and was in pain for two weeks. No running, not even walking. In the meantime, the weather got worse.

I realized that if I ever was going to go running again, I would need a light weight running jacket.
My new lovely light-weight and all round wonderful rain-jacket will be perfect later on (if I actually go running in the rain ehrm...). Until then, I need something light, colourful and possibly sleeveless.
But I do not want to spend money on something I am not certain I will continue doing.

So I made one.

This used to be somebody's souvenir umbrella.
Wearing an umbrella
It started with a rain storm. The day after the streets were filled with broken umbrellas. (Hurray for living in a tourist town.) One big, bright red tourist umbrella was taken, freed carefully from its steel construction, rinsed off, dried and every so carefully ironed. (Low heat. No, lower, even lower heat. I melted the edge of the fabric within three seconds.) When you have found your fabric, carefully detach the wrap around closing strip and keep it  for later.

Fold the remaining fabric and pin a simple shirt pattern on it (pin outside the fabric or right at the edge of the paper pattern where you will sew, as the pin leaves holes in the plastic fabric). 
Cut, sew the four seams (shoulders and sides), hem and voilá, it is done.

Now trim the seam edges of the jacket with scissors (do not cut the seams or you will have to re-sow them to re-fasten the thread).
Sew the hems to fit it better around the arms and neck if needed. This will also stop the umbrella sections to unravel.

Fold the front pieces, put it on and fit it to your body when closed (make sure you can move). Fit it where your body is the narrowest (waist, neckline or as with me, under the boobs). 
Pin the closing strip from the umbrella (most umbrellas have Velcro closing today) and the closing patch to both sides of the jacket.
Attach it by sewing around it as neatly but as strongly as possibly. (This seam which will take a bit of force when ripped open.)

You now have a free running vest. 

I really like mine.
The colour is a bit bold for me but it fits very well (meaning it does not hinder any movements). Without sleeves it warms the core of my body which is usually only what I need. I guess that when the weather goes colder I may hide it under a running sweater or add a pair of loose sleeves or gloves. It does make me sweat which is good for loosing that last kilo/s needed for my weight target. Currently at +4.

Friday, 9 October 2015


Wer andere bezwingt, ist kraftvoll. Wer sich selbst bezwingt, is unbezwingbar.

Wer sich einmal selbst gefunden hat, kann nichts afu dieser Welt mehr verlieren.

Nur wer sich in Genügsamkeit genügt, hat stets genug.

Bewahre du zuerst Frieden in dir selbst, dann kannst du auch anderen Frieden bringen.

Reich ist, wer weiss dass er genug hat. (Laotse)

(Aus mein 1997 Zen Kalendar).

Wednesday, 7 October 2015


Where do I start?
My life is a mess and I do not know what to do about it!

Is that you?
You do know where to start.

Start with taking the trash out. Always start with taking the trash out. Empty all waste paper baskets and trash cans around the house and empty the garbage bin in the kitchen (put a new bag in). Take the recyclables out. Wipe down the cupboards, the kitchen bin and the waste paper baskets. Put a plastic bag in all of them so that you do not have to wipe them next time (just take the bag out).

Start with doing the dishes. Fill the washing machine if you have one and run it and empty it. Do a sink filled with dishes, dry and put away. Do another sink filled with dishes, dry and put away. Do this until you have done all the dishes. Clean and wipe down your kitchen sink. Always start by doing your dishes and cleaning your kitchen sink. Eat off the sink.

Start by picking up things off the floors. Unless it is a floor model, it does not belong on the floor. Not even the Japanese keep their stuff and their clothes on the floor. Pick up clothes. Pick up dishes. Pick up papers and books. Pick up all the things that are on the floor that you keep on the floor but is not a floor model. Put piles of books and magazines on a table, a shelf or on a cardboard box you can get for free from the supermarket. Pile it on there, do whatever you have to do but get all the stuff off your floor. Vacuum, brush or sweep and then mop the floors. Walk barefoot.

Start by doing laundry. Get all dirty clothes,  shake them out, look in the pockets, put everything into colours or whites (white is really only the things that are light coloured white, beige, off-white; not pink or light blue). Go to the laundromat or run a first full machine. Hang to dry (or let it go through the dryer). Put in another machine if you there is more to do. Endure the laundry drying on the rack for a day (shake it out and re-hand if it is not completely dry in a day.) Fold. Put into the same piles you have in your wardrobe or hang on hangers. Put everything away.

Do one of this. Only one.
See, I told you that you did know where to start.

Now, sorry, I have to go and take my trash out.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015


Geef mij maar Amsterdam Dat is mooier dan Parijs
Geef mij maar Amsterdam Mijn Mokums paradijs
Geef mij maar Amsterdam Met zijn Amstel en het IJ
Want in Mokum ben ik rijk
En gelukkig tegelijk: Geef mij maar Amsterdam

Liever in Mokum zonder poen Dan in Parijs met een miljoen Geef mij maar Amsterdam

                                   Johnny Jordaan. Tekst en muziek: Pi Veriss en Harry de Groot, 1955

Monday, 5 October 2015


Jag fick en burk surströmming av vänner som körde ner från Skandinavien. Eftersom man inte kan flyga med burkarna och jag sällan/aldrig kör eller åker tåg och det inte går att köpa surströmming i Europa annat än vid mycket speciella tillfällen, var detta enda möjligheten.

Den har bott i en plastpåse i kylskåpet nästan ett år.
I helgen fick vi äntligen tillfälle att öppna och äta den.
Först vandrade vi tre timmar ut i skogen.
(Det är rimligen än mindre uppskattat att öppna en burk surströmming i innerstan här än vad det är i Skandinavien.)
Sedan grävdes en grop långt bort från alla vattendrag för allt rens.
Lök och tunnbröd var de enda tillbehören.

Det var gott. Surströmming är gott. (Lukten är vidrig men bara amatörer luktar på surströmming).
Det var till och med godare än jag mindes. Den mycket speciella smaken går helt enkelt inte att uppleva på något annat sätt än genom att äta äkta surströmming.

Spaden var speciellt medtagen för att gräva grop för lakvattnet och fiskrenset.

Friday, 2 October 2015


The task for October is underwear and sleep wear, and for those of you who have it, include your sports wear too. If you do any other clothes tasks where you are allowed to exclude specific groups of clothes, such as home pyjamas, s wear or specialist clothing for certain activities, now is the time to include them.

This means that the task is to wear all underwear, wear all lingerie and all night wear in one month.
However you do it is up to you, but this is the easy part. Find, collect, gather and count everything you would call underwear. Use, wash and put aside until everything is used. If there are things that you do not want to use, well, maybe you need to put that aside in your "on the way out" box? If there is anything in there that is so tatty that you would not want to be caught in a car accident with them, the granny pants and the Bridget Jones going for sex-underwear, well now, perhaps you deserve a little better? Just get rid of them (especially if you have more than seven days of underwear left and have easy access to a washing facility (your bathroom sink included) and especially if you have more than fourteen days worth of underwear left.

Also wear all your lingerie and special occasion underwear. Can you still get into your honeymoon silky stuff? Wear it for work! (I do not care which "honeymoon" it was for.) Wear it, at least try it on, and if you do not want to wear it, have a discussion with yourself why you still keep it. Should you put it in the on the way out-box, straight into the bin or into your "when I get thin and sexy again-pile"? (Oh, do not fret, we all have one of those piles.) However, make sure you keep comfortable workable underwear; not only the silky, squeezy stuff that is really more for show than to wear under clothes.

The task is also to wear all your sleep wear. Your home pyjamas, nighties and silky bedroom stuff as well as all and any sports wear you do not actually do sport in but rather wear while you decoratively sit in the sofa with a bag of popcorn.

The task is also to wear all your sports wear. If you sleep and lounge around the house in your sports wear, they should have been included above but do really bring out all of it. If you count sex a sport, include all your sexy outfits here.

Underwear also includes SOCKs (unless you did them with the shoes last month). Wear all socks, including the novelty socks and socks with cartoons on them, all tights, garter-belt stockings, pantyhose, stay-ups, woollen socks and sports socks this month. Clean, put aside and go through them all. Darn the sock toes if your toes are coming through. Look under to make sure there are still soles on the socks. Darn or cut off to use as sleeves or discard all broken socks.
Oh, your stockings are like mine, still in the package after about eleven years?
Yeah, I know, I know, I will - I hear you loud and clear...

Thursday, 1 October 2015


I know it is going to be bad.

The Financial Independence number will of course be low this month. The economic situation is bad, the stock exchanges are crashing, war and chaos in the western world, add Fkn FolksWaggoons to the mix as well as Champions League. It is not a good day to calculate the amount of money available for instant work relief.

But - whoever bad it will be, it will still be a lot of money. More money than most people have available and what ever the number is, it will be fully enough to hold me in small and with inflation rather bare but still comfortable circumstances for a long time. I have even bought some solid shares for a song this previous month and hopefully that will pay off in a few years or so.

Besides, and most important, I do not need the money right now.
I am not in any kind of urgent need. I am healthy, in secure situations, resting in my cosy home.
I can always continue working and as said earlier, that will be fine too.

So here goes with the calculations...
My current FI-number is 27,61 years.

We are going camping tomorrow. It will be a good reminder as i will be driven out on the streeeeeets with only a tent and a back pack if this goes on much longersssssss. Could you all just stop making chaos on the financial markets please, double please?
End of dramatic crocodile tears.

But we are really going camping this long weekend. The weather is to be nice and we are very excited to go camping in the third season. The weather season, not us. Well, actually, that too.


The task was to go through all shoes and shoe supporting items in the house during September.

I am happy to say I have spent my time much wiser than that and consequently am scrambling to come up with a report on the results.

However, no shoes have been bought - even though just the other day my favourite sports shop sent the man a discount coupon on 15 % off the shoes I have been trying on fifteen times and really, really want. I still have not bought them.
Why have I not bought them if I want them? Why am I depriving myself in this way?
Just go out and get it, use your money, yada yada bla bla etc etc en zo verder.

I have shoes.
I have plenty of shoes.
I have shoes for all walks of life! (ha-Ha (pronounced like Sheldon Cooper in The Big Bang Theory)
I have everything I need already - and possibly some more.

I have three different pairs of shoes for hiking and every day life.
I have a pair, almost unused, of very nice black leather lace up shoes for city.
I have three pairs of fancy ladies shoes, as well as one pair for summer (which if I am honest, are possibly a bit uncomfortable but invaluable for those warm days at work when I must dress up).
I have sports shoes, flip flops, rain boots, sandals for city and sandals for crossing rivers.

What else could I possibly need than I already have?
Replacements of course, but not until anything needs to be replaced.
So, thanks, but no thanks, for sending me a discount coupon for a very nice pair of shoes indeed. I will resist the temptation of helping the sports shop with their end-of season clearance this year too.