Thursday, 13 October 2016

More pie

Push ups.
Weekend plans.
Work successes.
Full financial freedom.
Life better than the internet.
Reality as always better than fiction.

Especially when Bob Dylan gets the Nobel Prize for Literature.

Tuesday, 4 October 2016


During our weekend out, we passed several houses offering free apples.
I put a few in my back pack and made apple pie for the man today.
Several good wife points acquired.
Prized beyond rubies. Price included sugar, butter and some flour with old bread as bread crumbs. And ice cream.

A hard day made easier with love pie.

Monday, 3 October 2016


Hard work, lots of work, ambitious money making and money saving through a frugal life style has paid off.

I have currently financial assets that would cover 30, 88 years of financial freedom with a frugal but not in any way unreasonable budget. A lot of people would not choose to live on my budget but my budget is a budget a lot of people have to live on. A lot of people are also told by authorities to live on my budget. It is enough to pay for my own bathroom visits (internal joke), it is alsp enough for laugh, love and plans.

It is not enough for continuous indulgence, uncontrolled shopping or aims for unlimited luxury.
But it is a safe basic blanket and I am very very and gratefully happy about it.

Weight is also good. At least the weight identified through the weight jeans (you know, the pair that are used to measure fit.) My jeans are loose and nice and fit really well.
The scales have been returned home after servicing a friend's mother for a few months. They must have been broken. Or they just hate having to come back to us. The scales tell me I am +6,5.
(That is not 6 kilogrammes more than before, it means I am 6 more than I would like.)
I had expected +3. I would have liked +2.

Oh weeeeell, fitting into my clothes is more important, I suppose.


We took the weekend off and took off this weekend.
Our every second month weekend trip was due. And the man always gets a trip for his birthday.

We took the train, rented bikes, cycled 30 kilometre and came to a village in a nature reserve where the roads are canals. We stayed the night. There was nothing to do. Almost no people around.

We walked all little foot paths along the canals, contemplated a canoe to take us out into the nature park with only water, peat and bog, but stayed on terra firma and kissed on every bridge. If I remember correctly there are 27 on the north side of the village and 52 on the south side (but the lack of oxygen due to that much kissing may have disputed my counting). I am not far off though.

We both did our best to put time and space between us and all worries and had a lovely weekend.
Nothing has changed but at least we are are going to handle it supporting each other.