Monday, 2 October 2017


The stock market where my assets are invested, is back up and running fast fast fast after last months dip.
The total financial independence value is 35,45 years - meaning the total amounts of assets divided with my annual budget.

It sounds nice but with a new administrative system, a new HR department, a dearly beloved dead relative and the fact that I broke my favourite tea mug in half, not everything is rosy.
Not even the weather.

There are good things.
I try to focus on the good things.

My weight is good. -3,5 kg. Meaning 3,5 kg under the weight that I promised myself I would never go above. In total since March I have sliced off about 10 kg.
With another 2 kg off, I will be back to my pre-40 years of age weight.

And I have some money.
That is always nice.