Wednesday, 1 November 2017


On the first day of every month, I look at my assets, calculate my net worth and count out my financial independence number by dividing the net worth with my estimated annual budget.

Currently the FI-number is 36.58. This means I can live over 36 years within my current annual budget without income, provided the interests and dividends from my assets correlate to the expected price increases (which would consequently establish a need to increase the annual budget or adjust the life style appropriately if possible).

The high FI-number is really good and soothing news as I am currently on sick leave. The galloping of my heart took over my life and although there was no need to call an ambulance (although I am always prepared with nice underwear if it should happen again), work became an impossible task. After a few weeks under the covers, I am now back on half-time and it is so far working well. I spend the reduced hours on doing lots of mental exercises and studying project and people management to find ways to contribute to solving some of the problems at work. Work has been helpful, and although competence could be higher, they mean well and want solutions that work for everybody. My university studies have been put on the back burner (not a good place for a final thesis but a suitable place for it due to the circumstances). I feel a slight increased interest to return to my stack of papers but I will let it simmer for yet a little while.

I am keeping up the physical exercises however and I can now do more than 60 sit-ups and 20 push-ups in a row. I do do many more exercises but I use those as measuring tools. The man has developed even more than me and now has the body his 16 year old self dreamed about (not bad for 52). Considering that I last fall worked diligently to learn how to do push-ups and finally managed to do one (that is 1, I repeat 1) proper push-up, I count this progress as a complete success.

The weight target has also been a success. The +/-0 kg target aimed to come down to the weight I never was to go above, was after hard work during the spring and summer eventually achieved. With the almost automatic continued weight loss due to the new lifestyle (increased general physical activities and portion control), I am currently on -4 kg.
In total compared to the all time high, I have lost 14 kg (I am guessing this is about 28-30 pounds for the non-Europeans, including the want-to-be non-Europeans ;) ). This of course means nothing to anybody else (but you can easily figure out your own target) but for me it means that all my clothes fit, fit well or have become too large. Even some of my shoes are too large.
If I lose another kilo and keep it off, I will be back on the weight I without effort kept through my entire working life until promoted. (As a student, I was 10 kg lighter, and as a teenager, another 10 kg less. With my length-wise over-sized body, that was natural and healthy for me but not fashionable.)
Anyway, I am now keeping my weight, eating normally and only measuring the amount of physical activity I get in the week. I aim to keep the daily exercises, the daily walk and the weekly longer and harder event.

The last months has also seen me in my mothers county several times, even in my mothers presence (although not too much to general relief). The family was gathered around a coffin and were, in the way traditional for my family, joined together yet again. The drama was kept to a minimum while the number of paper tissues consumed in a single hour reached world record levels. Some good things came out of it however. There is a general joy for the baby to be born into the family early next year, (the first in twenty-five years), as well as the progression of several plans to meet up in the future without coffins.

With all that has been going on, my reduced income, a cancelled project for the man and some shakes in the stock markets, we pulled the plug on all travel plans for the forthcoming months for financial reasons. Not that there is any reason to pity us. In 2017 we spent a month in Lisbon and I had almost three weeks in Paris. We did a week together in my mothers country with a few days doing nice things and we had no less than two week long cycling-camping vacations during the summer. We will be staying at home, recuperating, recovering and working as much as we can the rest of the year (the man just got a replacement project too so he's happy.) We have bought national museum passes, allowing free or discounted access to most museums in the country, and will look into all the wonderful free events our home town is providing us. After all, we live in Amsterdam, the world's safest, most progressive and most beautiful capital. To keep our spirituality up as the pagan atheists that we are, we read daily a page in Bruce Lee's manual to martial arts which is based on Zen and mindfulness (while trying to learn how to beat the crap out of a sand-bag).

I sometimes miss blogging and I often write posts about inventorying, assessing, budgeting and clearing out, in my head. I read some bloggers with irregular intervals but am often too lazy to comment. This has to do with the concentration problems caused by the heart issue, not from a lack of interest. I often applaud your progress, events and stories. There might be an odd post from me with something that I have thought of, but I only aim for a post on the first of the month in the foreseeable future.

ps. I have a new (to me) tea mug. It is bright yellow and makes me very happy!