Saturday, 1 September 2018


I don't know what happened but the financial markets where my assets are invested went sky high the last weeks and only dropped a little before the monthly "counting of my money". As I work the last months of my notice period, without a new job in sight and with less than high ambitions for a new job - it is a relief.

The financial independence number (FI) is currently 39,86. This means that the total assets in my name divided with my current annual budget, could last me over 39 years. I have roughly estimated another thirty five years to live and seventeen years until pension rights starts paying out with citizenship in one of the worlds socially secure countries - I think I will be all right even if it is scar. And even if I chose not to live in the country of my citizenship but in a safe but social security market oriented country.

My pension funds are not included in my FI-number because I have no control over most of them. They will pay out if and when they pay out. I have also not included the value of my apartment (although the neighbour apartment sold this summer for 1/3 more than I paid for mine). I have also not included a forthcoming inheritance as the value and the circumstances are still uncertain. It could be up to another five years annual budgets though (but not without some difficult work... Dang, if you are going to die, just get your own affairs in order, will you please!)

It is a relief to have this money available, but let us all be reminded of one thing:
Most of you do not live within my annual budget. Most of you are not motivated enough to live within my annual budget.

This FI-number is the result of some serious lifestyle choices and cost avoidances. It is the result of eight years serious savings and probably a lifetime of careful spending and budgeting before that. There are none or few "indulgences" in my life. Almost no take-out food, restaurant visits or luxuries involved. My life always involves planning each action and activity, always looking for a cheaper deal, always making the effort to save money and never paying to save time. My annual budget is below national average and touching the "poverty" income level for most European countries.
Don't be envious. You have a lot of things I do not have so be grateful for your own assets instead and value what you have.