Tuesday, 27 November 2018


I am so so so so so so happy!

The trash gods gave me a dolly.

I have wanted to have a seamstress sewing mannequin for a very long time but they are so disgustingly expensive.

Last week I found a Dolly in a skip.
After a few days freezing in the bicycle basement, she has been declared clean enough to be allowed into the house.

She is a little worse for wear but clean and nothing a little glue will not be able to fix.
All the screws function perfectly. They are used to adjust her width to fit the size of the person.

She however has no stick up her behind.
The stand is missing, I mean.
Something that does the same job should be easy to construct if the need be. Until then, she can live on the desk or the floor. 

The best thing is that Dolly is not skinny.
Dolly has the size of a proper woman. She can be let out to fit even my body. Her bosom is possibly slightly more elevated and more extended than what I can admit to, but it is easier to fit something too big to a smaller body than the other way around.
Skinny Dolly's are quite common on the second-hand market places (although still expensive) Full figured Dolly's are rare as flies in a fish-pond. But I got one now!

Welcome to your new forever home, Dolly. We are going to have a lot of fun together, you and me.

Monday, 26 November 2018

Treats in life

I currently live an unemployed life with a crashing financial market - and, I am fine.

I bake. I research for my master's thesis. I apply for jobs. I go for employment interviews.
I make dinner for the man who is deep into a project. I pet the cat. I run.
It is not a bad life.

I have practised to make macaroons with the help of a  good book I was given by the trash-goods.

It started by making me baking meringue, which I am already very good at, but in different ways. Then it teaches how to slowly develop into baking macaroons.

The macaroons are not perfect yet but it is a very tasty hobby.

The cook book is in German but I truly recommend it for anybody who wants to learn how to bake these little treats. The author is the French food writer Mercotte. There are several steps required. Each must be perfect but not really very difficult to figure out. After that, it does not take as long time to bake as one might think.  
The man tough me how to make delicious lemon butter cream for the filling. 

 I also still make regular bread. The top loaf is a milk-free bread made from whole-wheat flour. Cheap, quick to make and very tasty.
The man likes his sandwiches more than I do
so I bake what he likes to eat.

This loaf here is a milk- and gluten free made from a bought flour mix. Not cheap but tasted wonderful with home made peanut butter.
The man has some stomach problems so the alternative baking is to see if there is a food allergy causing the disruptions.

We also went to my mother's country for a weekend (and a job interview for me) and we saw some of the ship burials around. This particular one has never been archaeologically examined, just restored, but is probably iron age, 500-1050 C.E. (it could theoretically contain graves going back to 1500 B.C.E. as this is a preferred burial area.)
Yes, there is a farm right next to it. The ship burial is protected but there are hundreds of them around, and although not destroyed, also not enormously spectacular. This one is bigger than most though, so it got a sign.

I also spent a week in Vienna researching,
but beyond this view from my desk with a fat box of dusty 16th century documents, I saw nothing.

Thursday, 1 November 2018


The Financial Independence number of today, the first of November 2018, is 37,94.
It is the Freedom Independence number, as I no longer work.

With a limited budget, my assets hopefully will last me 37,94 years.  I don't include the value of my small studio as I always must have somewhere to live and I also do not include the state and pension rights I will have rights to in seventeen years as their value then, can not be estimated. Assets are also not to be evaluated and neither are budgets but I am banking on price increases to be covered by interests and dividends.

If not, I might be in trouble. I will get another half a monthly salary and a basic unemployment benefit eventually and it will last me the year out of so.
I may still work more, I also may not.
It will not be a rich life, but I have the benefit of already living within my frugal budget.

They days fly by and I have plenty of projects to keep my life interesting.