Saturday, 1 May 2021

FI58,69 - Fit-ish

Spring is fickle and April is unpredictable.

We have finally been able to take our touring bicycles down from their wall mounts. I have squeezed the corona weight into the padded bicycle (elastic) bicycle shorts, and gone out for trips. Some shorter just for a change of scenery, some long and lasting a full day. Spring is here after all. We are still limited to where we can or want to go, primarily by people behaving irresponsible, but there is still plenty of unexplored territories within the 40-60 km radius. Polders, ik hou van jou.

It takes time to build up physical fitness. The pain eventually turn into muscle and stamina. Keeping at it with varying amounts and intensity is the only way to do see change. Lycra is elastic and hides many more sins than one thinks. In the Netherlands, cycling is the standard means of transportation. Most people cycle everywhere and in all weathers. Very many also cycle for exercise, and quite a few are dead serious about cycling professionally or at least obsessively.
It used to be common to see people dressed in full business gear, high heels and all, cycling to work with laptop briefcase in their bicycle bag and the tie flapping over their shoulder. Bicycle gears are optional and rare for city use. Stable granny-styled bikes are needed to survive the parking situation and, at least in Amsterdam, to order manoeuvre the tram tracks. Most business people are still working from home and those going to work do real work and does not dress up for it.

Nobody has been anywhere for a year, and everybody has full cabin fever, lappsjuka.

We are old but still so far, too young for the vaccination programs. The man is hoping for an invitation by the mid month and if all goes well (knock on wood) we should both be vaccinated by the end of the month. The invites are sent out by birth year so it is the access to vaccines that is now the only obstacle.
If I would get corona now, it would feel as if being shot on Armistice day.

The financial situation is progressing as the markets have been rising the passing month. It may be the last large rise, it may be going into recession from next week. My personal FI-number is 58,69 following the increased annual budget since the beginning of this year. The FI-number is the sum of all my assets minus my debt (currently only some taxes) (excluding house, car, jewellery because I have none of that, and also excluding pension rights as I do not control them), divided with my annual budget. The FI-number shows how many years I can live on my current assets under the condition that cost increases are covered by interests and dividends in the future. The FI-number exceeds my life-expectancy so I am unconcerned but very grateful.

The mental situation is progressing. I am doing therapy and it is as everybody knows, THE MOST difficult thing you can do in your life. It takes real bravery. It does get worse before it gets better but it does get better. Hard, hard, hard but progressing. Slowly.

I have managed to get some focus back so I am slowly trying to progress with some sewing projects, to get them finished. The green shirt and the green sports skirt and the brown vest are all staring at me. My dear old scatter brain wants to sew something new, new, new, new, but I force myself to quiet down (I only allow myself to make patterns, not actually cut fabric for new projects before the current garments are finished).

Society around me is slowly opening up. Shops opened this week (with restrictions) for the first time since January. Bars were allowed to open for a few hours if serving outside (and many other restrictions). People are flocking to the terraces even in the rain, as if their lives depended on it. The third wave is coming and only the fast advancement of the vaccination program will reduce its impact. People are going mad, and I am hovering indoors away from them. All societal interactions are still on-line with rare and short accidental meetings with neighbours.  

In 2019, we scheduled today as the first day of our next great adventure.
We are not going on any adventures today, and possibly not at any time in 2021.
Our only goal is to survive and so far we are doing well (-ish).
Liberation will come.
Until then, on 4 May, we will remember the dead, deported and suppressed through a national remembrance day. The day after, Befrijdingsdag, we will celebrate the liberation of the Nazi WWII occupation.
Hiding from corona has been simple in comparison.


  1. I've just started going for little daily walks again and it feels good to be outside and active even in a small way. I had my first shot of AstraZeneca about 6 weeks ago and ordinarily should be getting my 2nd shot about now, but in Canada we have to wait 12-16 weeks for our final one. Good luck with your therapy! It's a healthy thing to do for yourself.

  2. I'm glad you are emerging, as much as one can during Covid. Like Debra, I have had my first vaccination but need to wait 16 weeks for the second one. Meanwhile the 3rd wave has arrived and we are in lockdown again. Glad our govt is doing the right thing. Hard to spend so much time in and around home in the better weather, though. We don't expect any travel in 2021.