Thursday, 1 September 2022

FI61.06 - Hot

I want to hang out more with my dearest friends the polar bears. Instead I am stuck with the fire breathing equatorial heat monkeys. I go bonkers in temperatures over 25C, and with the recent weeks being well over 30C several days in a row, I go positively stupid. 

I don’t like being stupid. I am not used to it.

I have to get used to it, this is the new weather in the summer.

When I lived in Latin America, I got ‘used’ to it. When in Greece, not so much.
The difference is if life is flexible or corporate.
didn't expect life in the Netherlands to approach the Mediterranean.
Adjusting to reality or just forcing the day through regardless of circumstances.

Years ago we talked about moving to Portugal, and that I am happy that we did not go through with that.

Spending has been low in the heat waves. But I did order myself a new set of underwear so that I can start kicking out the really worn stuff. When the summer season is over, and we move back into the winter house more permanently in mid October, I plan to have a good go-through of all clothes. I will want to see what is garden-clothes only and what is actually worn out. I want to see what I actually do not wear any more and what needs replacement either by sewing myself or - horrors of horrors - need to purchase.

The financial markets are currently continuing to drop and there is some mental adjustments that will need to be done. Repeating to myself, "there is enough money, you just need to be cautious" over and over. 

My current Financial independence number is 61.06 and the current assets as they currently stand will last me somewhat over 60 years. My life expectancy is another thirty years or so. I have some dribbles of income that will dry out in a few months. I have no debt, no property, no valuables and access to some pension systems that will start paying out in some fifteen years or so. I have a share in my mother's estate that isn't paid out yet. I suppose I could make some money by some employment but I am not entrepreneurial and can't pretend that I would want to work for money again. But theoretical, it might happen. 

So I repeat to myself, looking long and hard at the annual budget numbers and the real numbers ticking in and up; "there is enough money, I just need to be cautious".

And then when I know the facts, I can forget about it and go about my day, growing three types of cabbages which seems to be the best-grower of the year in our summer house garden.


  1. I'm with you -- anything over 25C is a misery to me. We've been in a heatwave for 2 weeks now.

    1. Just too hot for a pair of hot people as ourselves.


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